Vehicle Transporting Cattle with Valid Papers Stopped at Tallur, 3 on Board Beaten up

Kundapur: Cows, bulls and calves – totalling well over a dozen – of exclusive Gir breed, were being transported from the Shirvi Samaj Gau Shala in Pune, Maharashtra and also Madhya Pradesh, were being transported in a lorry towards Mangaluru on Tuesday.

The lorry belongs to Raghu of Tamil Nadu, but registered in Andhra Pradesh. The cattle were meant to be delivered to the cattle conservation centre owned by Anand Kamath at Neralakatte in Bantwal. The transportation was absolutely legal.

Besides, the Vasant Kumar, the manager of the Gau Shala in Pune and Raghu, the owner of the lorry himself was on board to prove the transparency of the operation.

A group of 25-30 men, allegedly belonging to the Hindu Jagarana Vedike, arrived in 15 bikes and waylaid the lorry in the middle of the road.

They forced the three of them to get down and enquired of the load they were carrying. When Vasant Kumar was taking out the valid papers to show them, they refused to see them and began abusing and assaultng them.

The traffic on the national highway was blocked for sometime. Kundapur DySP Chandrashekhar Shetty, circle inspector and team arrived and dispersed the crowd.

They arrested Chandrashekhar Bhat of Katbeltur, Balakrishna of Hakladi, Krishna Poojary of Kollur, Raghavendra Mogaveera, Gopal Poojary, Manjunath Shetty of Hemmadi, and Kiran Devadiga of Tallur, while other escaped. Seven bikes have been seized.

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  1. This is a partial note. what happend later is missing. When Hindus were taking the cows, there was no problem. If muslims were invovled, there is a slight doubt. It is really unfortunate.
    About Pakistani terrorist are doing so much damage to the country. What did you do? Did you publish a word? There are certain type of papers and journals not in favour of Hindu organisation. This is one among that. I may be wrong.

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