Vidya Dinker Inaugurates Expressions 2016 at Roshni Niliya

Vidya Dinker Inaugurates Expressions 2016 at Roshni Niliya

Mangaluru: School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, organized “Expressions 2016” with the theme Marvellous, at the college auditorium, Valencia here on September 4.


The programme began with an invocation by the students of Roshni Nilaya. Prof Flossy Rayappan welcomed the gathering and introduced the chief guest Vidya Dinker to the gathering.

The programme was inaugurated symbolically by lighting the traditional lamp by social activist Vidya Dinker along with other dignitaries on the dais. Student president Asiyath Azmeera raised the curtains to “Expressions 2016”.

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Speaking on the occasion, Vidya said, “Roshni means my second home, I always feel Roshni like home. I feel like a superhero when I overcome hassles and tussles. To overcome all the hurdles we need courage and support which comes from our parents and siblings”.

She advised the students to put a strong foundation in academics because education will strengthen us with courage to come up in life. She also said that inter-collegiate programmes will bring the students from all walks of life together, which will help them to share their knowledge and exhibit their talents.

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Principal Dr Sophia Fernandes congratulated and appreciated the efforts of the programme coordinator and the student cabinet for organising this event.

Student Secretary Caroline D’Souza delivered the vote of thanks.

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