Vijayadashami marks Vidyarambham at Amblpadi Temple

Vijayadashami marks Vidyarambham at Amblpadi Temple

Pics by Prasanna Kodavoor, Team Mangalorean

Udupi: The nine-day Navaratri festival culminated with the Vidyarambham, followed by Vijayadashmi on the 10th day on Tuesday, October 11 at Ambalpadi Janardhana Mahakali Temple here.

The Vidyarambham ceremony was held in the temple. There was a large turnout of devotees for getting their children initiated into the world of learning. This marks the beginning of education for the children. During this ceremony, the symbol of “Om” is written by children aged between two to three years with a turmeric twig.

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The child starts to learn alphabets on this day. The first letters are written by the child on the day with the help of the father or mother in front of Mahakali Devi. The first letters are written on a bed of rice with a turmeric twig – OM Hari Sree Gana Pa Tha Ya Na Ma Ha.

There is a popular belief that children who are initiated into the world of letters at Ambalpadi Temple become successful in life.

The Vidyarambham ceremony was also organised at the country’s popular Shri Mookambika Temple Kollur Kundapur Taluk.

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