Violent weather claims sixth victim in Italy

Rome, Oct 17 (IANS) A 38-year-old workman plunged to his death from a pylon in Italy as he tried to repair electrical power lines damaged by violent storms that claimed five lives this week.

The workman was killed on Friday near the city of Benevento in the Campania region, which has been battered by storms and torrential rain in recent days.

Five people died in central and southern Italy earlier this week as the violent rainstorms caused flooding and sinkholes and several rivers burst their banks.

The Campania region has been one of the worst affected. As of Friday, residents in areas near the city of Caserta were advised to leave their homes and schools were closed amid fears the river Volturno could burst its banks.

Heavy rains have also flooded basements and roads and uprooted trees in and around the port city of Taranto in the region of Puglia.

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