Vyapam Scam: Should Madhya Pradesh Governor be Removed? Supreme Court to Consider

New Delhi (ND TV): With 35 deaths – two over the weekend – of people linked to a massive recruitment scam in Madhya Pradesh, the state government headed by Shivraj Singh Chouhan is under attack from the opposition. The Supreme Court today agreed to hear a petition asking for the removal of Governor Ram Naresh Yadav to ensure a fair inquiry.


Mr Yadav’s son, Shailesh, is among the 35 people linked to the scam who have died over the last three years, triggering allegations of a murky cover-up by the opposition.

The Vyapam scam refers to the collusion in recent years by top politicians, bureaucrats and others that saw imposters taking the qualifying exam for government jobs. The swindle is being investigated by a special team of the Madhya Pradesh police, and is being monitored by the Jabalpur High Court. Over the weekend, as a journalist reporting on the scam and the dean of a medical college linked to the scandal were found dead, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan of the BJP once again refuted calls for the investigation to be transferred to the CBI. Mr Chouhan said it is upto the court to decide whether to involve the CBI.

Mr Yadav took office as the Governor of Madhya Pradesh four years ago. The petition against him filed in the Supreme Court today and to be heard on Thursday claims that the police filed an FIR against him alleging that he had tried to ensure candidates of his choice were selected as Forest Guards. However, the case could not proceed because the High Court said the Governor is constitutionally entitled to immunity while in office and cannot be investigated for criminal wrong-doing.

Mr Yadav’s son was found dead in Lucknow in March. One of the 2000 people arrested had said that Shailesh Yadav had accepted kickbacks in exchange for ensuring government jobs for teachers, but did not manage to deliver.


  1. The CM didn’t like chicken eggs, so didn’t allow the students to eat protean rich eggs. He loves this business of pushing a row of people to death. Now, under BJP rule, India is shifting towards the Stalin era of Russia.

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