We are not meek lambs: Chinese daily

Beijing, July 18 (IANS) If terrorists “dare to continue doing evil things, they will be doomed”, a state-run daily warned Saturday, noting that the Chinese were not “meek lambs”.

An editorial in the Global Times quoted the authorities in Shenyang city as saying on July 13 that police “shot dead three terrorists and wounded one who waved knives to resist arrest on the same day, and the suspects were from the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region”.

The daily said that the arrest of 16 terrorist suspects and fatal shooting of knife-wielders has protected the citizens’ security and won applause.

The editorial wondered whether “law-abiding citizens wield knives to resist arrest? If they did not try to use force to resist arrest, how could they be shot dead on-site?”

The West never admits they support terrorist forces in Xinjiang. “The terrorists in Xinjiang have been counting on Western support and believe their use of terrorism is justified.”

“Chinese people are clear that some Western forces are pushing the terrorist activities in Xinjiang. Although there is not much China can do to counter their influence in this area, China will not give up to such Western forces,” it said.

The daily noted: “Some said people from northeastern China are not meek lambs. Actually as anti-terrorism efforts have been mobilized nationwide, police and citizens across the country are no longer meek lambs.”

“The potential terrorists have to watch out, since if they dare to continue doing evil things, they will be doomed,” it added.

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