We do not want escalation with Israel: Abbas

Ramallha, Oct 7 (IANS) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Tuesday that he does not want any military or security escalation with Israel, demanding the latter to stop escalation of violence.

“We didn’t start or initiate (violence) and Israeli needs to stop and accept the hand extended (to them). We want to reach a political solution by peaceful means, and not any other way,” Abbas said, Xinhua reported.

“We do not want escalation, but we want to protect ourselves,” Abbas warned the consequences would be dangerous if the escalation continues.

He accused the Israeli government of flaring the tension by “launching an intense attack on the Palestinian people everywhere,” adding that Israel was not only attacking but also killing Palestinians.

Abbas said that the Israeli government and its policies are increasing their “isolation,” referring to the latest resolution at the UN’s General Assembly to hoist the Palestinian flag at the UN’s headquarters, which was passed by an overwhelming majority of votes.

“We tell them (Israelis): stop settlement (building) and release the 30 detainees you agreed with the U.S. Secretary General John Kerry to free, and we are ready to return to negotiations,” Abbas said.

Abbas added that Palestinians can’t be the only party abiding by the signed agreements. “If Israel doesn’t want these agreements, then we don’t want to implement them.”

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