When the topper could not even write cow correctly

When the ‘topper’ could not even write ‘cow’ correctly

One hour before she was arrested by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) in Patna on Saturday, the intermediate (Humanities) “topper” Ruby Rai was asked to write an essay on Tulsidas.

Ruby appeared before an experts’ panel in the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) office in Patna for the re-test to verify if she were the genuine topper.

But lo and behold! The topper could not write an essay on Tulsidas. “Tulsidas Ji, pranam.” This is all she wrote and left the entire paper blank.

Giving her yet another chance, the experts’ panel then asked her to write an essay on “The cow”.

The girl student from Vishun Roy College in Vaishali could not even write “cow” correctly. She again left the page blank.

The experts’ panel, flummoxed over her literacy level, was left wondering how such an incompetent girl could be a “topper”. One of the experts then asked her to write down her name, roll number and roll code. Ruby wrote her name correctly, but could not write her roll number and code properly.

When an expert asked her what was taught in political science, Ruby said, “Those who do politics everyday…is taught in political science.”

She was then asked questions related to geography, home science, Hindi. “She could not answer even one basic question…not even the one related to weather,” a source informed on Sunday.

She was then eventually asked to write on any topic of her choice. “Joh aata hai, wahi likho. (Write whatever you know),” an expert said. Still, she could not write anything.

“I have studied in intermediate for two years. After appearing for examination, I don’t remember anything now. I am nervous,” she said before winding up.

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