Withdrawn Money Stuck in ATM Goes to Next in Line

Withdrawn Money Stuck in ATM Goes to Next in Line

Udupi: This often happens and it is one of the vagaries of an automated teller machines (ATM) installed by banks at vital points for the convenience of their customers.

Because of technical snags, the money withdrawn by the customer sometimes fails to pop out. In most cases, it gets back safely into the currency chamber and the customer is asked to contact the bank immediately.


If the withdrawal operation happens to be beyond the office hours, the customers are required to call a helpline number displayed near the ATM.

Failure to do this appears to have cost a Malpe resident dear. Megharaj had a few days ago gone to an ATM of his regular bank and keyed in commands for withdrawal of Rs 10,000 by using his card.

The amount did not come out but he received only a debit advice. He waited for a short while and then returned home disappointed. Not having informed the bank by the helpline number was his lapse.

When he visited the bank next day and verified the balance, he had been left poorer by Rs 10,000. When the CCTV footage was checked, a man was seen entering the kiosk, spotting the money and pocketing it after looking around on different sides to check if he was being watched.

The identity of the person who came and collected the amount is not known. The person who lost the money is said to be circulating the ATM clipping on WhatsApp and other social media in an effort to get his money back.

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