Woman Batters Mother-in-law to Death

Woman Batters Mother-in-law to Death in Badaga Yedapadavu

Mangaluru: The Bajpe police have arrested a woman on charges of assaulting her own moth-in-law with a wooden club at home in Payyarabettu in Badaga Yedapadavu on the outskirts on Wednesday.

Shrinivas, his mother Duggubai and wife Vimala have been living in the same house, while a brother, Sadananda, lives in Kadandale.

All the three were addicted to alcohol and indulged in arguments regularly. On Wednesday, a heated altercation took place between Vimala and Duggubai. The daughter-in-law, in a drunken stupor and resultant fit of rage, picked up a wooden club, and went on hitting Duggubai.

The latter sustained severe injuries in the face, head and is said to have died soon thereafter.

Vimala hit her husband also. Duggubai’s other son has filed a complaint to the Bajpe police alleging fatal assault on his mother by his brother and sister-in-law.

Prima facie, the police have found that the assault was only by Vimala and they have arrested her. But they will continue to interrogate Shrinivas, they said.

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