Woman Hacked to Death by Husband in Beltangady Taluk

Woman Hacked to Death by Husband in Beltangady Taluk

Beltangady: Jayananda Gowda (34) from Kadirudyavara village, who had been working in a restaurant in Mumbai for 12 years and returned and settled some years ago.

He had married Sumati (30) and they had three children including twins. He suffered from some ailment for some time and he was reportedly worried that it would affect his wife and children. He had been undergoing depression on account of it.

Sumati-02Sumati                       Jayananda

He is said to have planned to kill all of them and then commit suicide. With this thought in mind, he reportedly hacked her to death with a scythe on Friday night. Hearing her screams, the neighbours came running. Hence he could not do anything to the children.

Sumati was found reeling in a pool of blood. The neighbours shifted her to a hospital in Ujire. Jayananda too came to the hospital, from where the police arrested him. Sumati died of injuries.

During interrogation, he has narrated the background to his act, stressing that he had nothing against them, but only wanted relief to all of them. With mother having died and father behind bars, the three small children have to be tended by relatives.

The Beltangady police have registered a case.

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