Woman Hit by Lorry Dies, Daughter Survives

Woman Hit down by Lorry Dies, Daughter Survives

Puttur: Janaki (40), a resident of Nekkare in Konalu, was knocked down by a lorry bearing name ‘Mylaringeshwara’ and number KA 52 – 1617 near the Golitottu bridge on Wednesday morning.


She worked as a cook for a midday meal in a school and was on her way to duty with her daughter Pallavi as her daily routine.

Pallavi spotted the speeding lorry and moved to a side. But the lorry knocked her mother down and she is said to have died on the spot.

Although the little girl had the misfortune and trauma of watching her mother die in her own eyes, she mustered enough courage and ran to their house located nearby to inform others.

Ismail, a bike-rider was close to the spot of the accident. When the driver tried to speed away, he blocked the way and succeeded in stopping it. Yet the driver and the conductor managed to escape, leaving the vehicle behind. The lorry was on its way from Bengaluru to transport sand from Mangaluru.

The traffic on national highway 75 was affected for a long time. Some enraged members of the public pelted stones at the lorry and damaged it.

Janaki’s husband had died a few years ago. With much hardship, she was earning and looking her two children, a male and a female. Now they have been orphaned.

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