Woman Loses 16 Sovereign Gold during Travel

Woman Loses 16 Sovereign Gold during Travel

Beltangady: A woman has filed a complaint at the town police station here regarding loss of gold ornaments weighing 16 sovereign while travelling in a bus.

Safarabi, wife of Nazeer of Miyar in Puduvettu village in the taluk, has stated that she had left home with her two children and travelled in a jeep up to Ujire.

There she opened her vanity bag and paid the driver the fare. She remembers having seen the purse therein which contained the 16-sovereign gold ornaments.

Then she took a bus to Beltangady. When she opened the bag to buy tickets, her purse in the bag was missing. It may have been lost somewhere in Ujire, she says.

A search was made in Ujire, but it was of no avail.

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