Woman Shop-owner’s Chain Snatched by Man

Mangaluru: Sheela, who runs a canteen near the Kodikkal cross here, lost a large piece of her gold chain to a snatcher on Thursday.

Around 1 pm, a stranger arrived at her counter and asked for kokum juice. She was not aware that his thirst was for the gold she wore.

She took out the juice from the storage, poured it into a glass tumbler and kept it on the counter for him.

As she turned around, he pulled the gold chain she wore and fled. The chain snapped and a large part of it was taken by him, while a small remainder was safe.

By the time she shouted and alerted others, he had already reached over a distance. Sheela’s son and others tried to give him a chase but he could not be traced.

A case has been registered at the Urwa police station.

A ‘chain’ of incidents!


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