Women Empowerment! All Women Crew to Operate AI Delhi-San Francisco Flight to mark IWD

Air India will operate the longest all-women crew flight from the national capital to San Francisco on March 6, to celebrate the International Women’s Day (IWD). The “historic” New Delhi-San Francisco flight would have 14 crew members and four pilots, all of whom would be women. Furthermore, the flight dispatcher and flight engineer will also be women. Line safety will be conducted by women and safety audit will be conducted under the chief of flight safety, Air India, Harpreet AD Singh. The cherry on the cake will be that load and trim staff of the flight too will be strictly women.

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The flight would leave on March 6 and return on March 8. Besides, the national carrier on Friday said it would be operate over 20 all-women crew flights in domestic routes on March 8 – the International Women’s day. It is learnt that while the airline celebrates International Women’s Day every year by deploying women crew, this is the first time that an all women crew will operate the longest flight and will also be rewarded after operation. Official sources said that while the airline operates a few flights with entirely female crew every year on International Women’s Day, this is the first time a complete cabin crew will be on board the longest flight route of the national carrier. To achieve the target, Air India is also working with the Indian Women’s Pilot Association.

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To mark International Women’s Day last year, Air India operated four “all women crew” flights to international and domestic destinations, with one flown by two pilots who were also part of a similar feat way back in 1985. On the international network, two such flights that were operated were the Delhi-Melbourne and Mumbai-Muscat-Mumbai routes. While, AI806 Mumbai-Delhi and AI475 Delhi-Jodhpur-Mumbai were the flights operated by an all-women crew on domestic routes.

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