Women Lose Gold Worth Rs 2.65 Lakh in 3 Separate

Women Lose Gold Worth Rs 2.65 Lakh in 3 Separate Snatching Incidents

Mangaluru: Three chain-snatching incidents were reported in the city on Thursday and Friday.

In spite of frequent reports and caution in the media, some women continue to give scope to chain-snatching.


Women wearing expensive jewellery while going on morning walks or visits to grocery shops or those being alone at home or walking alone in lonely areas have been targets of many such incidents in the recent years.

In the first incident, a man entered the compound of Yashoda Holla around 2-30 pm on Thursday. She was watering the plants in front of the house. He enquired of her if there any person was available to pluck coconuts.

As she was about to answer his query, he reportedly snatched her 4-sovereign chain. It snapped in the process. He took away a piece worth Rs 45,000. A case has been registered in the Kadri police station.

On Friday around 6-30 am, Padmavati Bhat was on a morning walk from her flat on the main road in front of Vikas College. A man snatched her gold chain and coral-studded mangalsutra, of total value of Rs 1.50 lakh. A case has been registered in rural police station.

Gertrude D’Souza of Jeppu Seminary View was walking in front of Mathias compound on her way to attend a ‘roce’ ceremony of a relative around 10:15 am on Friday. A man suddenly appeared and pulled her chain, which broke into two.

As she bent down to pick the piece that fell down, the man, in the meantime, reportedly snatched other three chains from her neck, valued at Rs 70,000.

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