Wrap to keep smells of onions at bay

London, July 9 (IANS) Scientists have developed a new film that could finally neutralise the odours of even the most pungent fare.

The unpleasant smell of some foods makes it difficult to take them anywhere without offending others such as fellow train or bus riders.

Prof Lennart Bergstrom at the department of materials and environmental chemistry, in Stockholm University, and colleagues have developed a film out of zeolites, which are microporous solids containing aluminium and silicon, and cellulose from wood.

The study was outlined in the journal Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Testing the material showed that it could trap the sulphur-containing compounds often responsible for bad food smells.

This adsorption reduced odours to levels below what humans can sniff out.

The new wrap will enable you to store smelly edibles without affecting the senses of other people nearby.

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