Yettinahole will Not Harm Water sources – Rai

Yettinahole Project will Not Harm Water sources of DK- Minister Ramanath Rai

Mangaluru: District minister in-charge B Ramanath Rai held a press meet at the Circuit House here, on May 16.

Addressing the mediapersons, Ramanath Rai said that the state government invited the people who oppose the Yettinahole project to discuss it, but they did not attend the meeting. “It is not easy to stop the project at this stage,” he said.


Rai further said, “Let the protest go on, we will discuss this issue in the assembly. I will also discuss this issue with the CM personally. My opinion is that this project would not cause harm to the water sources of Dakshina Kannada.”

When asked about party leaders who oppose the Yettinahole project, Rai replied, “It is their personal interest to oppose and take part in the protest against the Yettinahole project. I will not comment on anyone.”

When asked about the water scarcity faced by the people of DK, Rai said that the district administration has taken all the measures to provide water to the people of Mangaluru. “Last year there was 21% less rain and because of that, we are facing water crisis this year.”

Minister U T Khader, Mayor Harinath, MUDA Chairman Ibrahim Kodijal, Sashidhar Hegde and others were also present.


  1. He is not going to do anything meaningful which will safeguard the interests of Mangalore for the present and future. After all, 13000 crores is at stake, and people are waiting in the sidelines to gobble it. The general public should actively take to rain water harvesting to avoid misery in the future. Do it yourself, be the change that you want to see, that’s the message. What we have seen this year this summer is just the trailer. Full picture ab bhi baki hai. I cant understand how Mr Rai can be called a Forest minister, when he is doing just the opposite i.e. actively encouraging deforestation through disastrous projects. And the project opponents are not helping matters either by not attending the meetings. Wonder what is on their minds!

  2. In India every issue generates a lot of heat but little insight. There are few facts and little information on the major problems faced by the country. Colleges and universities are not fulfilling their function as knowledge creators. South Kanara has many colleges and universities but not one of them produces an economic forecast for the region. In the US almost every university with a business/economics department produces an economic forecast for its region which analyzes the major industries in the region, the number of employees working in the industries, the impact of the industries on the regional economy etc.

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