Youngsters Risk Lives, Save Boy from Drowning in Mundaje

Youngsters Risk Lives, Save Boy from Drowning in Mundaje

Beltangady: These are the times when more and more reports of a rift between communities and youth being used by vested interests to indulge in anti-social activities are being heard.


But an incident in Mundaje has proved that human relationships working beyond the barriers of caste, creed and class still exist in the society.

The family members of Adam from Attaje in Ujire were travelling to Javagal in Chikkamagaluru district on a ziarat (pilgrimage) trip on Sunday.

On the way at Somantadka in Mundaje, they stopped over at a minor bridge as Rawoof, the nine-year-old son of Adam, wanted to answer the nature’s call. Near the bridge, he accidentally slipped and fell into the water.

Because of heavy rains, the stream below was flooded. Yet, fortunately, he got stranded on a rock but could not come up. The residents nearby who rushed to help found that saving him was very risky.

In the meantime, three youngsters, Praveen, Anand and Vikram, who were passing by on their way from Kakkinje to Mangaluru, came to the boy’s rescue. Risking their own lives, the trio, assisted by local gram panchayat member Abdul Aziz, got into a heroic act and successfully brought the boy up.

Touched and impressed by their brave initiative, the villagers are planning to honour the three youngsters during the coming days.

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