Youth assaulted by Traffic Police during Sharada Visarjane

Youth assaulted by Traffic Police during Sharada Visarjane

Mangaluru: A youth was assaulted by a traffic police constable on duty at Car street during the Goddess Sharada procession, on October 13.

According to the video clippings, a traffic police is seen assaulting a youth and using foul language. When the youth questioned the cop the reason for being assaulted for no reason, the cop used foul language and threatened to put him behind bars.

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It is learnt that the cop who was on duty was busy speaking on his mobile phone, when a group of youth in the procession passed comments about him busy on phone instead of controlling the traffic, the cop was upset and caught hold of an innocent person participating in the procession. While the youth questioned the cop for his action, he was slapped by the cop.

The cop also tried to snatch the mobile of another youth who was capturing the incident on phone. But the youth somehow managed to escape from the scene.

People who witnessed the incident said that it was wrong on the part of the policeman to assault the youth who was taking part in the procession. Any action should have been taken according to the law, the people responsible for provoking the cop while on duty and not act as a goon where anything could have happened.

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