‘100 Doses of Vax! 70 for Public & 30 for BJP Fans, that’s Not Fair…?’- Former MLC Ivan D’Souza

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‘100 Doses of Vax! 70 for Public & 30 for BJP Fans, that’s Not Fair, it is BJP Covid Vaccine Mafia – Former MLC Ivan D’Souza

Mangaluru: Addressing the media personnel at the Congress Bhavan, Mallikatta, Mangaluru on 29 May, former MLC and AICC Secretary Ivan D’Souza said, “We have reliable information that out of 100 vaccine doses provided, 70 are given for the public and 30 for BJP supporters and seems like BJP is operating a vaccine mafia. Just look at the vaccination centers, huge crowds of over 500 people gather for just 100 doses of vaccine. Out of 100 doses of vax, only 70 coupons are given to the public, while the remaining 30 doses are kept by BJP MLAs and their representatives. Therefore, If 500 people gather, 430 will be sent back”.

“We have been notified that after people leave the vaccination centres, relatives or influential persons known to BJP leaders come in for vaccination at these centres. It is also learnt that coupons are being sold at Rs 200 at Vamanjoor. Seems like BJP is making decisions as to whom to give vax and whom not to give, which is total discrimination. Looks like the period of time between the first and second dose is decided by the BJP. Also that BJP MLAs and MP are urging people to take their vaccination at private hospitals (each vax costing from Rs 900 to Rs 2,000) in spite of the Prime Minister and the state government making announcements that people can avail vaccination for free. This is absolutely not right, that BJP leaders are promoting private hospitals” added D’Souza.

Ivan further said, “Sources reveal that only 10% of India’s population has taken vaccination, which clearly shows the irresponsibility or we can term it as total failure. Private hospitals have now increased the service charges for vaccination from Rs 100 to Rs 200. When vaccines are easily available at private hospitals, why the shortage in government hospitals? This shows that the BJP is involved in the vaccination business or let’s call it BJP Vaccine Mafia, which proves that they are business minded leaders and are not in favour of the deserving people. In regards to this vaccine mafia issue, we have planned a silent protest on Monday, 31 May at Bejai school condemning the wrongdoings of BJP”.

Coming up with a suggestion, Ivan said that the Congress Committee will urge the district administration to allow the opening of all the shops and change the present timings of 6 am-9 am to 8 am-12 noon, where along with shops selling essentials, chance should be also given to all other shops to do business at least for two hours during lockdown.

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  1. Because of Your congress party miss leaded people when vaccines launched lots off vaccines are wasted. Now your are …

  2. Looking at the comments and mood of the public, it’s high time, our Ivan stop’s his drama’s and goes to Blr to continue his dedicated work as Sidu’s …!
    Remember our Oscar? He at least smelled the coffee in time and quietly retired with all his fortune.

  3. Ivan has run out of ideas. Every person will be vaccinated regardless of the affiliation to the hand or the hand that holds the lotus. Ivan does not inspire confidence. Perhaps some novice like Daaktrena magey might even be better for the Cong I with due respect to JRL who has moved to the background.

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