100 Not Out! Is this PM Modi’s Promise of ‘Ache Din’ with Petrol Rate Reaching Rs 100?

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100 Not Out! Is this PM Modi’s Promise of ‘Ache Din’ with Petrol Rate Reaching Rs 100?

Mangaluru: Petrol price in Bengaluru has crossed the Rs 100-mark as per litre rate rose to Rs 100.17 from Rs 99.89 on Friday night, while in Mangaluru the price of 1-litre petrol is Rs 99.45. In Udupi, the petrol price was Rs 99.71, and Diesel was sold at Rs 92.52 a litre. Meanwhile, the diesel price rose to Rs 92.97 per litre from Rs 92.66 in Bengaluru. As per Balaji Rao, President of Bangalore Petroleum Dealers Association, the new rates will be effective from Friday, June 18. Since January 2021, the petrol prices in Bengaluru have gone up by nearly Rs 14. The petrol price in the city at the beginning of the year was Rs 86.47.

Petrol prices have reached close to hitting Rs 100 across India while some cities and towns in the following states — Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh — have already breached the Rs 100-per-litre mark. These hiked fuel prices have come amidst inflation. On Friday, the oil marketing companies (OMCs) raised the price of the fuel between Rs 26 to 30 paise per litre across the country, however, the retail prices varied depending on the local taxes levied in different states. The prices were hiked by the companies after keeping it steady for a day.

1 litre Petrol Price in Mangaluru

Petrol prices here in Dakshina Kannada and also in Udupi, the price of petrol has reached Rs 100 plus, while 1-litre Petrol which was Rs 99.91  in Sullia on June 17 reached Rs 100.19 on Friday, and in Kundapur taluk petrol price was Rs 100.07/Rs 100.04 depending on the locations since the rates differ on the basis of distribution fee. It is learnt that petrol was sold at Rs 100 in Ujire, Bantwal at Rs 99.58;  Rs 100.26 in Kokkada. In the city, petrol cost Rs 99.30 on Friday while diesel was sold for Rs 92.20 a litre. During the last three weeks, petrol went up by Rs 2.53 a litre and diesel by Rs 2.45.

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Shawn Pinto from Farangipet who works in Mangaluru and travels on his motorbike speaking to Team Mangalorean said, “The price of petrol reaching Rs 100 mark is terrible, when people have no jobs and while the economy is bad. Getting paid half the salary due to the lockdown at my workplace, most of my salary money is spent on petrol, and hardly anything is left to make a living and support the family”.

‘Achhe Din’ has Come Early? With Rising Fuel Prices, It’s Time to Ride Bullock Carts in Kudla?

Mohammed Iqbal, a vegetable and fruit vendor who travels all the way from B C road to Mangaluru by his pick-up truck said, “It has been very hard to make a few bucks from the sales since the travel cost takes away most of the profits. If we jack up the prices on vegetables and fruits, customers complain saying that we are ripping them off with price hikes during the pandemic crisis. In such a situation, sales have dipped and making a living has been very hard, but I am coping with it. I very much doubt that PM’s Acche Din will ever materialize, looking at the hike in fuel and commodities prices day by day”.

If you remember that a man in Dakshina Kannada district was trolled after his audio clip went viral saying that he would support Prime Minister Narendra Modi, though the fuel price shoots up to Rs 1,000 per litre. Officials of the OMCs have said that if the international oil prices continue to increase, the Rs 100-per-litre mark could be crossed in other places by the month-end. The global crude prices have been rising due to high demand and depleting inventories of the world’s largest fuel consumer — the United States of America — the retail prices of fuel in India are expected to rise further in the coming days. Brent crude reached a multiyear high level of over $75 on the Intercontinental Exchange a couple of days back before a slight diversion to the current price of $73 per barrel.

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  1. Price of petrol without taxes is 30 rupees per litre. At least our taxes are put to good use in other useless ways.

  2. Let’s be practical. Petrol price was Rs. 3 per litre in 1980 up to Rs. 83.60 until May 2014. Congress UPA Government-subsidised fuel and imported crude oil on borrowed funds from 2008 until 2014. The monthly interest on this borrowed fuel was 70 crores a month. By increasing Rs. 14 over 5 years, the present BJP government bought crude oil against payment and cleared of the balance liability created by UPA. Now the income generated by selling fuel is being used sensibly on bettering Road infrastructure. Due to lockdown sales also is hit.
    Let’s not politicise this matter. The above mentioned is fact. We in India have a bad habit of complaining. Isn’t cooking oil Rs. 199 per litre. Isn’t olive oil Rs. 400 per litre. Isn’t ghee Rs 460 per litre?

    Petrol moves you around in a comfortable car or two-wheeler.
    Let’s stop complaining and start thinking big and move on in life. We all have enough money to live in spite of covid induced lockdowns. Let us be content, thank God for his ever-loving grace and live simple lives.
    Let’s use the money we save on helping the less, underprivileged. Let’s live in grace and bless others around us. Stop complaining and live gracefully, graciously.

  3. Average price of petrol & diesel Rs 70 & Rs 58 in 2014. How come India’s fuel price started to increase, when global global showed reverse trend since 2014? As global price/barrel decreased, tax got hiked. Average 300000 cr tax/year has been collected by the centre alone. Off course states are also not behind in fuel tax.
    Loan through fuel bond could have been cleared within a year. It would be naive to think that Govt could have reduced fuel tax, had there not been lockdown.
    People are suffering from inflation in cooking oil prices too thanks to tweaking of Essential Commodities Act.
    Corporates like Adani had completed Silos in advance of passing of Farmers Bill so that govt buys from Corporates instead of farmers’ Mandi !

  4. Public are concerned on over 200% tax imposed by the governments above the actual price of the cost of the Petrol/Diesel. Subsidy given by then government when the oil price was above $100/- a Barrel.

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