12 Educational Institutions in DK Turned into Containment Zones Says Health Department

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 12 Educational Institutions, Most of them Hostels turned into Containment Zones Says Health Department

Mangaluru:  According to the health department, from 1 January 2022   to till date, TWELVE educational institutions, most  of them hostels , were declared containment zones.Education institutions in the coastal districts are turning into containment zones and this year, schools also have been added to the list.

 Dr Ashok H, the nodal officer for Covid-19 in Dakshina Kannada speaking to the media said “At least two to four institutions are declared containment zones every week. Any educational institution which reports five or more cases of Covid-19 is declared a containment zone. It is marked as a de-containment zone after a week if no positive cases are found. During the second wave, many higher education institutions had turned into containment zones. The health department had noticed that some institutions with Covid-19 cases on campus shut down the facility without bringing it to the notice of officials”.

“We have taken them to task. A few days ago, a college near Kodialbail shifted to online classes after the campus reported more than five Covid-19 cases. It was not brought to the notice of the health department. We have specifically directed the institutions that they should inform the department when they make any changes.. As of now, the majority of the containment zones are college hostels followed by schools. If the health department finds a hostel where inmates from various colleges are infected with Covid-19, we declare the hostel a containment zone instead of their schools or colleges, like BCM hostels. Similarly, we have asked the department of public instruction to suspend on-campus classes if there is a cluster in a particular class,” added Ashok.

He further said, “The development of educational institutions being declared into containment zones started around mid-December with paramedical and nursing colleges. “Currently, all sorts of educational institutions have been declared containment zones. Most of the students have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic,”
A senior professor who has recovered from Covid-19 a few days ago said that the majority of the student population in Dakshina Kannada have Covid-19 symptoms, and that the problem is that they are unwilling to get tested.

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