17th Kalakar Puraskar of ‘Carvalho Ghoranne’ & Mandd Sobhann Conferred on Nihal Tauro

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17th Kalakar Puraskar of ‘Carvalho Ghoranne’ (Carvalho Family) & Mandd Sobhann Conferred on Popular Singer and Sony TV Indian Idol Reality Show Finalist, Nihal Hanson Tauro, Alangar, on Sunday, 7 November at Kalaangann Amphi-theatre, Shakti Nagar, Mangaluru at 6 pm. Nihal was honoured with a cash prize of Rs. 25,000/-, a memento, shawl, floral bouquet, fruits and a felicitation certificate

Mangaluru: Young and Talented Nihal Hanson Tauro, being an immensely talented vocalist, has lent his voice to many songs in different languages and genres. He has sung in 25 Konkani music albums, 12 films, 15 musical nites, 200 stage performances and Six TV reality shows. His voice is also heard in musical compositions of 6 serials. Along with this, the world had witnessed his talent on YouTube which is evident through his views. Like a jewel in the crown of his achievements, he was selected as one of the Top Five contestants, and only one from Karnataka, in the 12th Season of INDIAN IDOL Reality Show nationally televised on Sony TV. He is no doubt the Shining Star in the present world of singing.

The singing reality show’s ‘Greatest Finale Ever’ was aired on 15 August 2021, with Nihal Tauro, Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal, Mohd Danish and Sayli Kamble fighting to lift the trophy in the finals, but unfortunately, Nihal was not able to take the trophy home-probably he didn’t get enough votes, even though his performance was superb and extraordinary. Nihal has been singing ever since the age of four. He made his playback singing debut when he was in the third standard, and has today made a name for himself as a live show performer. Nihal shared that he wants to continue balancing both in the future. Nihal Tauro’s journey in this Show has been a surreal experience.

He Came, He Saw, He Conquered the hearts of a bevy of women, men and youth gathered in large numbers at the Kalaangann amphitheatre during the felicitation programme. This 17th Kalakar Puraskar of ‘Carvalho Ghoranne’ (Carvalho Family) & Mandd Sobhann was presented to him, in recognition of his eminent contributions to the field of singing, at the young age of 21, on Sunday, 7 November 2021 at Kalaangann Open Air theatre, Shakti Nagar, Mangaluru at 6 pm. Well-known Kannada writer, film scriptwriter, and poet  Jayant Kaikinni presented the prestigious award to Nihal Tauro, in the presence of Louis Pinto-President Mandd Sobhann;  Eric Ozario-Gurkar-Mandd Sobhann; Mrs Genevieve Lewis (Udupi)- Representative of Carvalho Ghoranne; Stany Alvares-Coordinator-Mandd Sobhann; and Kishore Fernandes- Secretary. Nihal was honoured with a cash prize of Rs. 25,000/-, a memento, shawl, floral bouquet, fruits and a felicitation certificate. Nihal’s citation was read by Sunil Monteiro, the executive member of Mandd Sobhann, and the compere of the programme was Irene Rebello, the Executive Member of Mandd Sobhann.

So far, this award has been conferred on 16 achievers, namely Arun Raj Rodrigues (Drama), Joel Pereira (Music), Harry D’Souza (Brass Band), Rev. Fr. Charles Vas (Devotional music), Anuradha Dhareshwar (Music), Santha Bhadragiri Achyutadas, Bengaluru (Harikatha), James Lopez, Honnavar (Brass band), Norbert Gonsalves (Instrumentalist), Francis Fernandes Cascia (Drama), Roshan D’Souza (Music), Christopher D’Souza (Drama), Avil Dcruz (Dance), M. Gopala Gowda (Folklore), Adolphus Cutinha-Dolla (Drama), Irene Rebello (Voviyo-Vers), and Anita D’Souza (Singing).

This award was instituted in the year 2005 by Carvalho Household of Kundapura, Udupi District under the leadership of Fr (Dr) Pratap Naik, SJ with the collaboration of Mandd Sobhann, Mangaluru. Every year this award is given to a person of Karnataka origin for his or her contribution to the Konkani stage, music (vocal, instrumental, composer, brass band), folklore, folk music, and dance. For the first time, for this 17th  award the five siblings of the Carvalho family and their children were present, namely, Fr Pratap Naik, SJ (Goa); Mrs Genevieve Lewis (Udupi); Valerian Carvalho and Mrs Libertha Carvalho (Bengaluru); Mrs Florine Lobo,  Felix Lobo and their daughter Renita Lobo ( Bantwal);  John Carvalho and his children Jeffrey Carvalho (an  Indian Army officer of Captain rank) and Janice Carvalho, Pune.

In his acceptance speech after the felicitation, Nihal Tauro thanking his parents and fans said, “Every young singer dreams of being on the Indian Idol stage, and while I have done regional shows, this has given me newfound fame. I know reality shows cannot be the end of one’s journey, and hence my real struggle has begun after the finale. I promise to work hard and achieve all my goals. My achievement is a blessing from my parents. Honestly, everyone was so amazing this season that it must have been my parents’ prayers that got me to the finals. I did work hard, but I think everyone does that. Not everyone can win, but I am totally happy that I made it to the finals in one of the BIGGEST shows in India. It was indeed a BIG honour to get felicitated by Well-known Kannada writer, film scriptwriter, and poet  Jayant Kaikinni. I still need your support and blessings in my future journey in the music world”.

Nihal Tauro wholeheartedly thank everyone who made his day a memorable one, and out of appreciation sang a Kannada song, a tribute to Kannada cine-star late Puneeth Rajkumar. which enthralled the audience.

Miss Manali Pimenta, daughter of MCC Ex-corporator Sabitha Misquith handing over Artwork of Nihal Tauro sketched by her

Speaking on the occasion, poet  Jayant Kaikinni said, “It was a great honour for me to felicitate a famous young singer, who has entertained the entire world and captured the hearts of millions of his fans worldwide. No doubt that music is the essence of life. Like Art unites everyone, so does music also. Music connects people and it is one of the best ways to express yourself. Sometimes, it takes that certain song to really put you in your feelings and sometimes it just makes you forget about everything going on in your life. Music heals the broken. Everyone has at least a handful of songs they listen to after a breakup to get them through the heartache and pain. Sometimes when we hear a song, it can bring us back memories – some good and some bad. Whatever genre of music, it all brings us closer together”.

Jayant Kaikinni further said, “For instance, when you are at a concert or a music festival, you aren’t worried about who is standing beside you. You are there for the music, to feel the lyrics flow through your body and ignite every bone. You are there to have the full experience and to feel connected with the words and, in turn, whoever you are with. That’s why I believe music brings people together. No one is worried about other people’s backgrounds, culture, race or how they identify themselves; most people that attend concerts and music festivals aren’t there to judge others. They are simply there to vibe with the crowd and performer and to be moved by the music”.

Jayant Kaikinni also said, “Music frees the soul. It allows you to express yourself in ways that are unimaginable. It can relax you, excite you, even bring out emotions you never knew existed. Music brings love into the air – it makes people feel more connected and it creates memories that will last for a lifetime. It doesn’t matter what you believe in or stands for, music is for everyone. Music is so empowering. It can help you get through some of the most difficult times in your life. It can move your soul and make you open your mind to the world. Music opens up a whole new door – a door full of new friends, beginnings and perspectives. It helps shape people into the person they want to become. Singing along to a song can change your mood in just a few seconds. It puts a smile on your face as you feel every word you’re singing. I know this to be true because whenever I hear one of my favourite jams come on, this rush of adrenaline bursts through my body”.

“Music gets people dancing. It’s kind of hard not to move when the bass is thumping in your chest and you feel the lyrics on a spiritual level. Music is happiness. At music festivals and concerts, everyone is there for the same reason you are: to indulge in sounds and the words from your favourite artist and to spread the love with everyone. No matter who you are or where you come from, music allows you to be yourself. It helps you to accept who you really are and it automatically brings people together. If there is one thing you can always count on and depend on, it’s music. Even though there were not many music events during the pandemic, but the pandemic has brought a change and made a difference- it has united people, to care and show love towards one another” added Jayant Kaikinni”.

After the award function, Mandd Sobhann’s 239 Mhoynyalli Manchi (Monthly Theatre) was presented with William Shakespeare’s play “A Midnight summer night’s dream” adapted and translated into Konkani Gimallye Ratichem Swoponn”  by the first recipient of Kalakar Puraskar awardee Arunraj Rodrigues and directed by Viddu Uchil. Due to Covid-19 this award function last year was held online.

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