18 Students all Keralites of Private College in Deralakatte Accused of Ragging Five Juniors

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18 Students all Keralites of Private College in Deralakatte Accused of Ragging Five Juniors

  • 18 Students of IInd year B Sc (Physiotherapy) and BSc (Nursing) all Keralites of Private College under Kanachur Institute of Medical Sciences in Deralakatte, in the outskirts of Mangaluru Accused of Ragging Six Juniors (Ist year BSc (Physiotherapy) students

Mangaluru: Following close on its heels of a ragging incident that took place on 10 January 2021 where nine students (IInd and IIIrd year) all Keralites of Srinivas College of Pharmacy in Valachil, Mangaluru, were arrested by the police for ragging an Ist year student, (Ref: Nine Students from Reputed College Arrested for Ragging First-Year Student) and now a month later, we are hearing yet another ragging case that occurred at a Nursing and Physiotherapy run by Kanachur Institute of Medical Sciences, in Deralakatte, in the outskirts of Mangaluru, where 18 Students of IInd year B Sc (Physiotherapy) and BSc (Nursing) all Keralites are accused of Ragging Six Juniors (Ist year BSc (Physiotherapy) students.

The arrested have been identified as Muhammed Shammas (19), Robin Biju (20), Alvin Joy (19), Jabin Mahroof (21), Jeron Cyril (19), Jeffin Roychan (19), Muhammed Sooraj (19), Ashin Babu (19), Abdul Basith (19), Abdul Anas Muhammed (21), and Akshay K S (19) all from Kerala..

It is very rare to witness a college without ragging and the college authority may boast that their campus is 100% ragging free but that promises are insane. Hostelers are mostly being hunted and they find it much difficult to combat it. But as a student, it’s very much thrilling for the seniors to force their juniors to do what they say. The word ragging has now become a dangerous word and technically speaking, students and parents are both afraid of this. Ragging should be regularly checked by the college administration, which many colleges ignore. And also ragging continues since the victim keeps it a secret and won’t complain out of fear of facing further consequences.

Even though ragging incidents are kind of less in Mangaluru, however, in the last two months there have been two ragging cases, both in a medical sector institution. Sources reveal that according to a complaint registered in Ullal police station on Monday, the six Physiotherapy and Nursing course students were staying in a hostel on the institution campus, where the six victims alleged that 18 senior students forced them to bend their heads and show respect to seniors. The juniors were also made to shave their moustaches and were also threatened.

The victims reported the incident to the head of the institute management, who accompanied the former for filing the complaint at the police station. The Ullal police have registered the complaint under the provisions of the Karnataka Education Act. In the meantime, it is learnt that the Chairman of the Institution U K Monu has assured of taking the necessary disciplinary action against the accused.

In conclusion, ragging is a serious thing, since due to ragging, many students have committed suicide or gone into severe depression. There are some students who are very sensitive to deal with ragging, thus taking extreme-steps to end their lives. It is the college management’s responsibility to take care of the ragging issues, but many colleges have failed to take the initiative to prevent ragging on the campus. Many institutions’ management turns a blind eye towards such incidents citing that if ragging took place in PG hostels, it’s not their concern. This is absolutely wrong- Ragging incidents can take place on the college campus or in the PG hostel or anywhere- but it should be the responsibility of the college management to look into such issues. Giving no reasons whatsoever, it is the total responsibility of the education institution to see what’s going on on the campus, and not ignore it. With no excuses, education institutions should have zero tolerance to ragging issues and show keen responsibilities to such incidents, which may ruin a student’s life.

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  1. Ragging is a Kerala disease. The people of that state may learn it at the age of 5. It continues even if they reach 95. No exceptions.

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