2 hijab-clad students denied entry to II PUC examination centre in Udupi

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2 hijab-clad students denied entry to II PUC examination centre in Udupi

Udupi: Two hijab petitioners, who began the hijab protest which turned into a major crisis in the state and went on to become an international issue, were on Friday sent back for insisting to take their exams wearing hijab in the Udupi district of Karnataka.

Alia Assadi and Reshma, who came to give their II PUC (Class 12) exams, insisted that they be allowed to take their exams wearing hijab. The students refused to pay heed to the authorities at the Vidyodaya PU College examination centre when they tried to convince them to remove their hijab and attend exams.

Tehsildar Archana Bhat personally spoke to them and the timing for entry to the exam hall was extended to 10:30 a.m for them. However, Alia Assadi and Reshma insisted on writing the exams clad in hijab.

When the authorities refused, both the students came out of the examination centre and boarded an auto back to their homes. They did not react to the media. The girls had not collected their hall tickets till Friday morning.

Just before the examination, they collected their hall tickets and attempted to write the exam in hijab.

Earlier, the Special Bench of the Karnataka High Court had dismissed their petitions seeking permission to wear hijab and attend classes. It also mentioned that wearing of hijab is not an essential part of Islam.

Following the order, the Karnataka government has banned the hijab in classrooms and announced that hijab-clad students and teachers will not be allowed inside the examination centres.

15,272 students appeared for the II PUC examinations in the Udupi district. Of the total 15,272 students, 4,792 are from the science stream, 7,850 from the commerce stream and 1,524 from the arts stream.

Out of 15,272 students, 675 are repeaters. Three hundred and twenty-six students are writing the exams privately. There are 28 examination centres in the district. As per the high court order, students wearing the hijab are allowed to enter the premises of the examination centres but have to remove the hijab before entering the examination hall.

According to the DDPI Udupi district, after the high court order, we have not allowed the hijab. We have clarified that students with hijabs can come to the examination premises but they need to remove the hijab before entering the examination hall.

Deputy Commissioner Kurma M Rao has imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 (1) of CrPC in areas around all examination centres from April 22 to May 18. Section 144 (1) will be clamped within a 200-metre radius of all the examination centres. Mobile surveillance squads have been formed to ensure that no malpractices occur during the examinations.

The deputy commissioner has directed the concerned officials to ensure that the examination is conducted transparently and fairly. To avoid malpractice, owners of the photocopy shops near the examination centres will be asked to close their shops till the end of the exams.

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  1. The picture clearly shows a burqua-clad girl trying to enter the school premises. It’s not a hijab.

    There is a difference between hijab and burqua. The former does not cover the face whereas the latter does! The controversy is intentionally created by the media for TRP purposes by substituting one word for the other. These clueless Muslim girls are being exploited.

    The educational institutions are well within their rights to deny entry to someone who refuses to show their face. So get over it. If you don’t want to follow the rules, build your own madrasa.

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