2 ministers clash in Gehlot’s presence, threaten to see each other

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2 ministers clash in Gehlot’s presence, threaten to see each other

Jaipur: The much-talked about discord in Rajasthan government came to the fore once again when two of the ministers from the Gehlot government clashed during the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and threatened to see each other while coming out of the meeting.

The clash erupted between state education minister and PCC chief Govind Singh Dotasara and state minister for urban development and housing Shanti Dhariwal. The CM had to turn off the camera in between.

In fact, fellow ministers had to intervene looking at the growing confrontation and fierce debate between the two ministers.

As the cabinet meeting was held to decide the status of board exams for class X and XII at the CMR with Gehlot being virtually connected, Dotasara discussed the vaccination topic at the end of the meeting and said that the Congress launched a social media campaign demanding free vaccination, now a memorandum should be submitted to the collector at every district level.

Dhariwal immediately intervened and said, what is the need of this, the work of the ministers is not to submit the memorandum.

Dotasara objected to this interference and Dhariwal was left agitated.

The matter escalated when both of them indulged in war of words and state ministers had to intervene to calm them down.

Dotasara told the CM that action should be taken against such behaviour of the minister who did not allow the party president to speak and was about to leave the meeting but the CM pacified him and asked him to complete his talk.

The Chief Minister asked both of them to remain calm but the dispute started again when Dhariwal told Dotasara that he has seen many party presidents and he can do whatever he wants.

The Chief Minister turned off the camera after seeing the heated argument between the two ministers.

Even after the cabinet meeting was over, Dhariwal and Dotasara clashed outside in a louder tone.

Seeing the ministers fighting openly, the security personnel and staff of the CM residence present there were also shocked. The fellow ministers got the two separated, otherwise there could have been a scuffle.

Dhariwal openly told Dotasra that he was not bound to obey his orders while Dotasara said that he will have to obey orders as he is the party president.

Dotasara told Dhariwal – Being party in charge of Jaipur, you have not even taken a meeting till date in the last two and a half years. This attitude of yours is not good for the party, I will report it to Sonia Gandhi.

Dhariwal again retaliated and questioned, “Will you threaten me? As both ministers started coming close, folding their sleeves, the fellow ministers separated the two.


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