2 Scientists Quit Their Job To Start An Amazing Habit Company

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2 Scientists Quit Their Job To Start An Amazing Habit Company

Vikram and Umesh, previously employed as Senior Scientists at Biocon, did not know each other even though they were working in the same lab. Breakfast made them reach out to each other, seeking unique culinary from Kundapura and Channagiri. Neer dosa and Jolada rotti used to be mouth-watering, fun, insightful. However, both at the time didn’t know the same foodie discussions would convert into something simple yet effective biotech product in the future, QDROPZ.

They worked on developing insulins for treating diabetes during employment, which is a common lifestyle disease lethal than COVID-19. Vikram says, “There are hundreds of reasons to get diabetes, but the most common factor is the food we eat. Nowadays, every food we eat is contaminated, especially fruits & vegetables. It is inevitable for any farmer not to use pesticides because crops would otherwise fail, thereby significantly dropping yield. India had organic farming, mostly, but with the advent of green revolution during the 1970s, pesticides have managed to rupture the environmental balance and our body metabolism”.

Umesh says, “Recent studies suggest, there are at least 18 different types of pesticides can be detected in a single crop. When we consume them every day, it will directly affect our gut microbiome, called good bacteria. Our entire health depends on this flora, and contaminants like pesticides will destroy them. Most of the pesticides are hydrophobic in nature, i.e., they don’ like water. But we as consumers, wash veggies with water. However, due to chemical compounds’ nature, water is inefficient to pull off these harmful pesticides from the surface. Crops such cauliflower, tomato, ladies finger, capsicum, grapes, strawberries, green chilli, and many others are flooded with neurotoxic pesticides. Consuming them even at the lowest quantity would also be considered detrimental to our health. It could be the reason behind diabetes, cancer, low immunity, Alzheimer’s, nervous breakdown, etc.”

With the pandemic in the strike, fitness & health have become the No.1 priority for all now. But still, we continue to ignore one of the critical aspects of our daily life, our daily fruits & vegetable. But thanks to Umesh and Vikram, they have come up with India’s finest fruit and vegetable wash liquid, QDROPZ. Not only it washes off pesticides, but it also kills 99.9% of germs, viruses from the surface of fruits & vegetables.

When asked about QDROPZ being just another chemical to remove chemical, Vikram says, “QDROPZ contains 100% food-grade ingredients. It’s made from natural and naturally derived materials such as coconut oil, lemongrass, and natural salts. QDROPZ is tested across accredited labs in India and is safe for all. You will visually see the difference once you use QDROPZ on grapes. We have made several YouTube videos also regarding ‘how to wash vegetables using QDROPZ,’ which is easy and simple. The most important factor is that it’s designed for kitchens and affordable to all at Just Rs. 190/”.

Umesh, while concluding, said that “Honestly, we don’t need any product such as QDROPZ if we have 100% organic farming in the country. But the prices for organic products are so steep that no common person could afford that. QDROPZ is a biotechnology marvel. With its safety and simplicity tag, we believe this could be useful for any kitchen in India. I continuously argue with my mother to use QDROPZ, but finally, she was convinced once I demonstrated how pesticides were ripped off when QDROPZ is used. Now, at home, nothing comes to the plate without being pre-treated with QDROPZ, and she thanks me for that.” I hope we reach all mothers in India soon.”

Nevertheless, QDROPZ is one amazing new habit we all need to learn to keep ourselves safe from dangerous pesticides. Vikram and Umesh are also bringing many healthy products, healthy habits to the Indian market. Hence, they say, “Habit to Healthify.”

Talking about the start-up’s future plans, Umesh and Vikram, scientists turned cofounders at RUBIZON, are currently developing novel wound care products for accelerated healing to treat diabetic foot ulcers. You can always reach out to them for information at info@rubizon.com

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Rubizon Private Limited
#87& 90, First Floor, 1st Main, SLR Layout
Lakshmipura Post, Dasanapura,
Gangondanahalli, Bengaluru,
Karnataka 560073
E-mail: info@rubizon.com; Ph:+91-7349708807,

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  1. A question – we used to pretreat our veggies with potassium permanganate.
    How different is your qdropz from that.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    • Potassium permanganate is disinfectant and prolonged usage can give you brown color skin. More over, it will have absolutely no role in removing pesticides. Similarly, you can’t use normal salts, vinegar solution, or baking soda. They have zero effect in cleaning pesticides and other toxins. On the other hand, QDROPZ is developed based on ‘micelle’ concept, where it will rip off not only all the viruses, bacteria but also cleans off pesticides. It’s repeatedly tested across many labs in India, and developed by Quality by design scientists. Try once to see the results.

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