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24-year-old Youth Dies in Car – Bike collision at Mani

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24-year-old Youth Dies in Car – Bike collision at Mani

Puttur: A 24-year-old bike rider died and the pillion rider injured in a Bike -Car collision on the Mangaluru – Bengaluru National Highway at Mani here on July 30.

The deceased has been identified as Jaffer Sherif (24) a resident of Karaya Badiyaru, Beltangady and the injured has been identified as Muhammed Irshad (21) from Puttila, Beltangady.

According to sources on July 30, Jaffer along with Irshad were on their way to Uppinangady from Mangaluru. When they reached near Mani, a car coming from opposite direction collided head-on into their bike. The rider and the pillion were thrown to the ground. Severely injured Jaffer and Irshad were rushed to a Hospital in Mangaluru but Jaffer breathed his last in the hospital. Irshad is undergoing treatment in the hospital.

A case has been registered in Vittal police station.

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  1. May Jaffer’s soul rest in peace, and may God grant strength and solace to his parents and siblings, for such a great loss of such a young life.

    Mangalorean.Com has reported so many deaths related to motorcycle riders, that truly moves an expert on the mechanics and riding skills.

    Allow me to share a few very important and basic checks of a motorcycle, and riding skills on a motorcycle, for those readers of Mangalorean.Com who generally ride a 2-wheeler or 4-wheeler, and especially in and around Mangalore and Udupi and it’s districts.

    Mangalore and Udupi districts have very bad riders and drivers, narrow roads, bad road lighting, poor road markings, few traffic lights, fewer Warning Boards, fewer Sign Boards – thanks to the Mangalore and Udupi Dist. Transport Dept., that despite a huge income hardly spend anything on basic necessities for road users and parking lots. One cannot change this today and neither in the near future. The loss is never theirs!

    However, it’s how we react to situations and circumstances that matter most.

    1. Always plan to ride or drive between 6am and 7pm – road lighting is very superficial and bad – one one hardly see the road or anything in front of you, not mentioning the all too frequent power shut downs – hazardous at night!

    2. Always wear a good quality helmet – even the Pillion-rider should wear one Please don’t obey the law in simply carrying one in your left arm and wearing it only noticing police personnel at a traffic light or at specific places where they stand to guide and control the traffic or to catch those irresponsible riders.

    3. Excepting the highways, all other roads are narrow and are meant only to accommodate one bus or truck – that more than often never budge and may put one (car or bike) off the road. These are the roads that take most life!

    4. Always slow down to the minimum and let the bus or truck pass you safely – head on collusion happen only because of negligence and overconfidence to pass and let pass! Drunken driving too must not be misjudged – who cares!

    5. Speed limits are unknown to most riders and drivers – who checks anyway! Always drive at safe speeds of 40 to 60 kmph on highways, and 20 to 30 kmph on other roads and inside the cities. There’s more caution and control in this attitude for safety of self and others using the roads.

    However, speeding always leads to loss of control due to the unexpected (cow squatting in the middle or side of the main road,, large potholes, unmarked speed=breakers, trucks parked at the side of the road-and the list can go on, that ends in accidents and being maimed or sure death.

    India is a congested country with vehicles – and is more so now – due to the lack of control of the government on banks giving loans to own one, and earning a 10% interest! Even a poor farmer has a car and a 2-wheeler these days in India!

    6. Always know some basic mechanics of your scooty/motorcycle or your car. Check for functionality before you journey, the brakes, the brake lights, the turn-signal lights, the horn, and the head light. Also for coolant or water level in your radiator for car owners.

    7. Abide by all the road signs, regulations, and traffic lights if any and even if not! Remember – respect Pedestrians – especially women, children, and the elderly. Give them the right and priority to cross – God will bless you for your caring attitude.

    8. Always carry legal papers of ownership of vehicle and Insurance plus PUC Cert.

    9. Never lend your car scooty or motorcycle to a friend or a third party – it can be used for criminal activities, that can put you in trouble with the law.

    10. Use a car, scooty, or motorcycle as a means of personal and comfortable transportation instead of riding those rickety, overcrowded, badly managed public buses.

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