3-Day ‘Skill Development in Investigation’ Training/Course for Police Personnel Inaugurated

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3-Day ‘Skill Development in Investigation’ Training Course for Police Personnel Inaugurated by B B Jakathi- IIIrd Additional District Sessions Judge-Dakshina Kannada on Thursday 2 September 2021.

Mangaluru: Training is an affordable and result oriented universal tool for achieving professionalism and competency in meeting the expectation of people. Police Officers have to combat crimes of the modern age society and to enhance the investigation skills of the police officers, Mangaluru Police Commissionerate is conducting 3-Day SKILL DEVELOPMENT in INVESTIGATIONS’ Training/Course, which was inaugurated today, 2 September and will culminate on 4 September

The most important part of this training program is to provide first hand practical knowledge to the police officvers. Besides theoretical classes, the trainees get an excellent facility to enrich their skill by doing practical exercises on various subjects of the course in accordance with the police investigation. Forensics subjects including practical training of footprints, finger prints, handling labeling and packaging of evidence are covered in simulation exercises. The trainee officers get an opportunity to have practical and theoretical knowledge on ballistics, physical and chemical analysis of biological matters like blood, semen, hair and other objects of forensic importance.

Different types of forged documents, counterfeit notes and other forensic materials are also shown to the trainees. They can also equip themselves with scientific analytical techniques like DNA, fingerprinting and other modern techniques of investigation. They are also provided with mannequins for carrying out simulation exercise of crime scene of dacoity, burglary, rape, murder and post-blast cases. Various investigation kit boxes like Fingerprint taking, Footprint Casting, Dust Marks, Blood Detection, Semen Detection, Explosive detection, Evidence collection and packing, General crime scene investigation etc. and set of magnifier, body protector, search light etc. are provided to trainees for practical / simulation exercise.

Training is a continual professional requirement cultivating the right values that contribute to development of the right attitude. To achieve this aim there are result oriented and well experienced resource persons. Experienced working and retired officers of higher ranks, Eminent Judges, Academicians, University professors, Forensic and cyber experts, Experts from leading NGOs are invited as Guest faculties to deliver lectures on their specific topics and share their experts opinion with the participants. On completion of training, Senior IPS & other officers are invited for valediction of the course on the last day of training.

The 3-Day ‘Skill Development in Investigations’ Training/Course was inaugurated on thursday, 2 September at 10 am at Sri Gokarnanatheshwara College Auditorium, Mannagudda, Mangaluru by B B Jakathi- IIIrd Additional District sessions Judge-Dakshina Kannada, along with Police Commission er N Shashi Kumar; Shivaprasad Alva- Deputy Director of Prosecution , DK District; Raju Poojary-Public Prosecutor, DK District; Smt Dr Geetha Lakhsmi- Deputy Director- Regional forensic Science Laboratory, Mangaluru; Hariram Shankar and B P Dinesh Kumar- both DCP’s, among others.

B B Jakathi- IIIrd Additional District sessions Judge-Dakshina Kannada, Police Commission er N Shashi Kumar; Smt Dr Geetha Lakhsmi- Deputy Director- Regional Forensic Science Laboratory,and Shivaprasad Alva- DDP, DK District spoke on the occasion, and briefed about the importance of this training programme in order to carry on with the investigations. ACP (Traffic) Nataraj welcomed the gathering, DCP Dinesh Kumar delivered the vote of thanks, and the programme was compered by Police Inspector Jyotirling Honakatti of Barke Police station. 65 police personnel, including 1 Sub Inspector and 2 police officers from each police station in the district are taking part in this training.

Resource persons- (left) Smt Veena-Senior Scientific Officer-Toxicology-RFSL, Mangaluru and (Right) Smt Kasturi- Senior Scientific Officer-Biology-RFSL, Mangaluru

Today, Resource persons- Smt Veena-Senior Scientific Officer-Toxicology-RFSL, Mangaluru and Smt Kasturi- Senior Scientific Officer-Biology-RFSL, Mangaluru gave talks on Lifting and packing of Articles to FSL. On 3 September, Resource persons, Prutvi Raj Varnekar-Senior Civil Judge & JMFC Court, Registrar of Legal Authority-DK District; Smt Judith-Public Prosecutor; Smt Priya -Administrator, Sakhi, Psychologist, Mangaluru; and Renni D’souza- President, Child Welfare Committee, Mangaluru will deliver talks on POSCO ACT-2012. On 4 September, Shiva Prasad Alva- Deputy Director of Prosecution, DK District; Raju Poojary- Public Prosecutor, Mangaluru and Pushparaj -Public Prosecutor, Mangaluru will deliver talks on ‘Investigation and Chargesheet in NDPD+S and other Heinous Cases.

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