3-Day Workshop on Managing Stress & Personality Development for City Police Personnel

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3-Day Workshop on Managing Stress & Personality Development for City Police Personnel

  • 3-Day Workshop on Managing Stress, Improving Communication Skills and Personality Development for City Police Personnel, especially Women Police, held at Police Commissioner’s Conference Hall

Mangaluru: To help women police personnel overcome workplace pressure and challenges at the home front, the Mangaluru City Commissionerate under the guidance & leadership of Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar held a three-day workshop for the 150-odd women police personnel starting Wednesday. The workshop is conducted by experts from Art of Living, Bengaluru.

Around 110 women police personnel serving in the Mangaluru city police commissionerate are undergoing a three-day session on managing stress, improving communication skills and personality development with the objective to serve the public better. During the inauguration of the stress management programme, police commissioner N Shashi Kumar hoped that the training programme organised by the Mangaluru City police and Art Of Living of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will bring transformation in the participants during their interface with the public.

He said it is a challenge, especially for women personnel, to maintain a fine balance between the workplace pressure and pressure on the domestic front. The pressure increases while working in a sensitive place like Mangaluru, where there is a lot of expectation of people from the police. “During the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Mangaluru on 2 September 2, a good number of women police personnel from the city and other districts took part in briefing, rehearsal and other preparations held for four days before the visit. To help mitigate the stress among women personnel, we approached the Art of Living, who agreed to hold the three-day workshop,” added Police Commissioner.

The Police Commissioner further said, “Women personnel were more stressed because they have a tough task of balancing work and family life. They undergo a lot of stress while discharging their duties effectively. During the three-day training, they will be trained in managing their physical health, mental health and stress management along with developing their communication skills. They will be involved in activities which will build physical health but also improve their mental and spiritual health. All we want is a transformation of our women personnel, which goes a long way and will benefit people at large.”

“Physical exercise is not enough for being healthy. One should give priority to mental, emotional and spiritual health as well, for the complete development of a personality. Even myself has been part of the course for the past two days. As per the ‘Panchasutra’ of the course, people should balance the opposite values and accept the situation and people as they are. People should live in the present rather than worrying about the future and the past. One should not be preoccupied with the past,” added N Shashi Kumar.

It is learnt that there are nearly 150 women police personnel in the Mangaluru city police limits. Barring those who are pregnant, lactating mothers and those who are suffering from illness, all others participated in the programme. The training programme will be extended to other police personnel. Art of Living Trainer Ajay Kumar spoke on the Benefits of the Art of Living, Stress relief, Taking Responsibility and Developing personnel and physical, among others. His colleague Ms Rashmi Anil Kumar also spoke.

Deputy Commissioners of Police Anshu Kumar and B.P. Dinesh Kumar and Assistant Commissioners of Police P.A. Hegde, Dinakar Shetty and Ms Geeta Kulkarni were present. The programme was compered by Urwa Police Inspector Ms Bharathi, and this programme was an initiative of ACP (Traffic) Ms Geetha Kulkarni.

The Art of Living was founded by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who is a humanitarian leader, spiritual teacher, and ambassador of peace. His vision of a stress-free, violence-free society has united millions of people around the world through service projects and programs offered by The Art of Living, which is an international, non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization. Its educational and self-development programs offer powerful tools and account to eliminate stress and foster a sense of well-being. Appealing not only to a specific population, but these practices have also proven effective globally and at all levels of society.

A noted humanitarian leader, Gurudev’s programs have provided assistance to people from a wide range of backgrounds – victims of natural disasters, survivors of terror attacks and war, children from marginalized populations, and communities in conflict, among others. The strength of his message has inspired a wave of service based on spirituality through a huge body of volunteers, who are driving these projects forward in critical areas around the globe.

As a spiritual teacher, Gurudev has rekindled the traditions of yoga and meditation and offered them in a form that is relevant to the 21st century. Beyond reviving ancient wisdom, Gurudev has created new techniques for personal, and social transformation. These include the Sudarshan Kriya which has helped millions of people to find relief from stress and discover inner reservoirs of energy and inner silence in daily life.

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