35-year-old Man Arrested for Sending Obscene Messages to the Girl He Was to Get Engaged

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35-year-old Man Srinivas Bhat (35) Arrested for Sending Obscene Messages to the 28-year-old Girl He Was About to get Engaged

Mangaluru: As per the complaint filed by a 28-year-old girl in the Barke police station in September 2021, the police have now arrested Srinivas Bhat (35) from Alake, Kudroli in the City, who is accused of sending obscene messages to her, days before he was about to get engaged. It is learnt that after both the boy’s and girl’s family members had agreed for their marriage, an engagement date was fixed in the month of September 2021.


Unfortunately, in the month of September, a few days before their engagement day, Srinivas who got the girl’s mobile phone number started to send obscene messages, which according to the girl’s complaint, many of the messages were vulgar and hurtful. Frustrated by all these vulgar messages, the girl informed her parents, and the engagement date was postponed due to this issue.

It is learnt that Bhat still kept on sending obscene messages, which included few gay sex scenes. Unable to bear the humiliation done through Bhat’s behaviour she finally lodged a complaint in the Cyber Crime police station, and thorough proper investigation which took a while, now the Barke police have taken Bhat into custody.

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  1. In the age of Feminism,If a woman had to send her future husband obscene messages ,she would be congratulated for being forward and progressive.

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