4 militants, one policeman killed in Afghanistan attack

4 militants, one policeman killed in Afghanistan attack

Kabul, Jan 16 (IANS) Four Taliban militants and one police personnel were killed after Taliban attacked security checkpoints in Afghanistan’s northern Kunduz province on Saturday night, a local official said.

“Unknown number of armed militants stormed security posts in Chabrima and Hortbalaqi localities on outskirts of provincial capital Kunduz city last night. The Afghan Local Police (ALP) members fought back the attackers, killing four militants,” Xinhua news agency quoted a security official as saying on Sunday.

One ALP police officer and four militants were also wounded during the exchange of fire lasting for hours, the source said, adding “the attack took place in the area, where security forces were constructing a permanent military base to ensure security there”.

The government established the ALP, or community police in 2010 to protect villages and districts around the country where army and police have limited presence.

The Kunduz province, bordering Tajikistan and neighbouring Baghlan and Takhar provinces have been the scene of heavy clashes over the past couple of months as Taliban has been trying to challenge the government forces in the once relatively peaceful region.