40-year-old St Antony’s Holy Cross Prayer Centre Razed by Activists in Defiance of Court Order

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40-year-old St Antony’s Holy Cross Prayer Centre, also providing a Anganawadi Space in Urandady Gudde-Panjimogaru in the outskirts of Mangaluru Razed by Saffron Activists belonging to Shri Sathya Kordabbu Seva Samiti in Defiance of Court Order

Mangaluru: While there have been atrocities and attacks on Christian/Catholic communities and prayer centres across India by Hindutva & Saffron group activists, but in a peace-loving Christian community in the Urandady Gudde-Panjimogaru in the outskirts of Mangaluru, a shocking news has sent the entire community of around 30 Catholic families, and also of other faith, after saffron activists belonging to Shri Sathya Kordabbu Seva Samiti have allegedly bulldozed a prayer centre named St Antony’s Holy Cross Prayer Centre, also being used as Anganwadi Kendra for women and children during their needs, has triggered anger and anguish among the Christian minority, with the Community members saying that they will fight until justice is served.

It was surprising to note that in spite of a STAY ORDER from the Court, with the next Court Hearing date scheduled for 14 February 2022, these activists when no one was around in that area had come with a bulldozer, and have razed the building at around 11:00 am on Saturday 5 February. In response to this incident, the board members of St Antony’s Holy Cross Building Committee, namely Antony Prakash Lobo-the President, and members- Cyprian D’Souza, Francis Pinto and Valerian Lobo have filed a complaint seeking police action and justice in this incident which is trying to create disharmony in that peace-loving community.

Even DK Deputy Commissioner Dr K V Rajendra has directed through a circular that no one has the right to enter the St Antony’s Holy Cross premises until the Court case is adjourned with a verdict. But unfortunately, in defiance, the activists have forcibly entered the premises and demolished the building, including trees etc. The board members of the prayer centre have termed the act an “illegal and high-handed action of influence or political power” and said they will seek judicial remedy.

“This act is against the law, misuse of power and utter violation of clear orders passed by the Court. We will immediately approach the concerned authorities demanding high-level judicial inquiry and action against the guilty offenders of this cruel act,” said one of the board members. Seems like this demolition was undertaken “without any legal justification”. This is an oppression of Christians. Our religious sentiments have been wounded. Those who were involved in this demolition should be held accountable, say the community members of Panjimogaru vicinity.

Former MLA J R Lobo, Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Mangaluru Diocese Roy Castelino, ACP North Mahesh Kumar, community leaders Stany Alvares, Lawrence D’Souza and others visited the spot.

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  1. All this thuggery and dadagiri is being encouraged by the inaction being shown by those in power in Bengaluru as well as Delhi.
    Is this the great “Sab ka saath, sab ka vikas”?
    Shame on you.

  2. My Question to all Catholic Families near the Church, where were all of You when this Illegal Operation was going on at 11 am in the morning. Couldn’t anyone of you call DCP, DC and Kuloor Police SI immediately. If I was in the area I would have called Control Room, and DCP who is very nice Honest and People Minded Person.
    It is like People in the Neigbhourhood don’t care of each other when needed help. But they write a big comment R.I.P. after the person dies.. This is exactly happened now Church is Resting in Pieces now and Politicians are and others catholics are there. Local MLA Dr Bharath Shetty is nowhere to be seen except during Election

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