5 Popular Mobile Games You Can Play With Your Family & Friends

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5 Popular Mobile Games You Can Play With Your Family & Friends

In this time of difficulties and nation-wide lockdowns, we saw a steep growth of mobile games and virtual gaming forums. Playing online games with friends and family can be extremely entertaining and fun. It also helps in bonding with family members who stay at a distance and are unable to visit you due to the pandemic Covid-19. Engaging in multi-player mobile games has not only provided relaxation, but has also provided a good amount of interactions between friends, relatives, and family members.

Numerous games have been developed by video game developers for android users and iOS users alike. So, cross-platform gaming is no longer a problem. For example, if your sister is using an iPhone and you, on the other hand, you are an android user, you can still play these mobile games with her without facing any operating system differences or difficulties. Nowadays, playing virtual games has become a new trend. All you need to do is just create your gaming account and login into the game of your choice.

There are plenty of online games that you can play amongst your friends and family groups by sitting at home. We have curated a list of five popular multi-player games that you can play on your android/iOS phone.

1. Rummy

In India, card games are quite popular and are played amongst people from all age groups. The rummy game online has made it easier for people who love playing card games as it can be played by sitting at your home, at any time of the day. It is the best multi-player game and can be played randomly with friends, family, or anyone who plays from the gaming forum. You can spend some quality time with your siblings or friends, after work hours or study sessions, to get rid of the boredom and relax. The Indian Rummy has interesting graphics and is very easy to play. There are plenty of apps available from where you can download this game, and the best being MPL rummy app. You just need to download this app on your android/iOS mobile phone and register for free. After verifying your email id and mobile number, you can choose one of the games and start playing!

The Rummy card game requires skills and is very interesting, especially if you are playing the 13 Card Rummy. You can play practice matches or play a match with your friends and family members. It is safe and secured, and can be played from anywhere.

2. Ludo King

An all-time classic and favourite amongst children and elders alike is the game of Ludo. The online version of Ludo that became quite popular is Ludo King. This app can be downloaded on android phones and iPhones easily. We know how much you love playing this with your friends, cousins, and teammates, who you are not able to meet because of the pandemic. It is a game of sheer luck as you cannot control what number will reflect in your dice. The person whose all four coins reach home first is declared as the winner of the match. You cannot cheat here by turning the dice if you are losing the match.

3. Muffin Knight

If you are someone who is fascinated by kingdom games, then Muffin Knight is the perfect game for you to play. This game is about a tiny boy who gets lost in dense wood. Then the boy needs to search for a house where a fairy resides. The fairy will then turn this little boy into a monster by feeding him a muffin.

The main agenda of the game is to find the fairy who can destroy the curse spelled on the little boy. The little boy must find his way from the dense forest to the house of the fairy. This game has some beautiful graphics and can be played on any operating system – android or ios. It is a multi-player game, so you can invite your friends to join you in this game and start killing the enemy troops!

4. Chess Time

The online version of chess is the same as the board game, and only better. The main advantage of the online version is that you can play with your opponents from anywhere. Remember those days when you used to play for hours with your siblings during the summer holidays, and keep trying to win or checkmate by tricking them. Now, you can engage yourself in this game and bring back the memories of those days with your siblings by playing Chess Time on your mobile phones, even if your siblings are staying away from you.

Chess Time can be downloaded on your android phones or iPhones from Google Play or App Store respectively. It is a free app and has multi-player capabilities. Start playing this amazing online version of chess with the same rules and checkmate your friends first with your excellent gaming strategy.

5. Carrom Pool

Playing carrom at home with your siblings or friends is one of the fondest memories of your childhood days. But as lockdowns were happening across the nation, you had to stay at home with no other option, there would have been a sense of boredom everywhere unless online mobile games came to the rescue. One of the most played games during the lockdown spell was the carrom pool. It is a challenging and tricky game that requires excellent skills. Also, the fact that it is a multi-player game and can be played online with your friends, is what makes Carrom Pool so fascinating. You can play different tournaments with your siblings and friends. The person who scores 25 points first wins the tournament and is declared as a champion. This game is found on both the operating systems – Android and iOS. So, there is no restriction if you are having an android mobile phone or an iPhone, as it is a cross-platform app.

Choose any of the above multi-player games and play with your family members or friends during your free time to enjoy and have fun!

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