5 reasons to use your pre-approved loan to manage expenses this festive season

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5 reasons to use your pre-approved loan to manage expenses this festive season

India’s festive season is an exciting time for everyone. Families and friends get together in celebration, homes and wardrobes get makeovers, and delicious food is shared amongst all. 

It is also this time of year when brands and retailers launch exciting annual sales. As such, the festive season is an opportune time to shop, gift your loved ones, and indulge in sprucing up activities. However, amid all these things, be mindful of your financial wellbeing. 

Avoid burning through your savings and take measures to ensure that this festive season doesn’t affect your monetary health. One good option is to avail of an instant loan through a pre-approved offer. This credit instrument is tailored to match your profile, is easy to get, and has affordable terms. 

Here are five reasons to avail of your pre-approved offer to manage expenses this festive season! 

Ample and collateral-free financing

During the festive season, it is common for families to renovate their homes, host a celebration for family and friends, or go on a holiday. Such activities require plenty of funds and can easily put a dent in your savings. An instant loan helps in this regard, as you can easily access the money you need without jeopardising your future. While the amount you can avail of depends on your financial and credit profile, lenders usually offer Rs.20-25 lakh. This way, you have the money you need for big-ticket expenses. What’s more, this is an unsecured loan, so you aren’t required to risk any assets. Simply borrow and repay in instalments over time! 

No restrictions on the use 

Unlike other financial facilities, you can avail of a personal loan for any expense. There are no restrictions on the end-use of the sanction. Some of the most common reasons to avail of an instant loan include:

  • Hosting a wedding
  • Renovating a home
  • Addressing a medical emergency
  • Funding national and overseas travel
  • Paying for a vacation

Flexible repayment plans

An instant loan usually comes with a tenor that ranges up to several years, usually 5, making it ideal as a short-term financing tool. As a borrower, this means that you can handle all manner of expenses affordably by repaying the loan over a tenor that suits your capabilities.

An instant loan eliminates the need to dip into your savings and offers you the option to pay for expenses incurred during the festive season more affordably than a credit card and more safely when compared with breaking an investment or using up savings. 

Affordable instant loan rates

Lenders today offer instant personal loans at a competitive interest rate. Depending on your profile, you can negotiate for better terms, which adds a great deal of affordability to the experience. What’s more, some lenders offer a pre-approved offer. This is a tailored and exclusive loan deal for existing customers. Qualifying and opting for one is sure to help you get an instant loan at the best rate possible.

Easily accessible during emergencies

Emergencies can occur at any time, and it’s always good to be prepared for them. They usually entail financial stress and addressing them out of pocket can be a challenge. This is especially the case during the festive season, where you have a range of other expenses to undertake. Thankfully, an instant loan from the right lender, such as Bajaj Finserv, can also double up as an emergency loan! This is because you can get instant approval and disbursal, all within a few hours. What’s more, with a pre-approved offer, loan processing is much quicker, too, making the entire process a lot simpler during a crisis. 

So, this festive season avail of an instant loan and handle all your major and minor spending in a pocket-friendly manner. However, before making any decisions, do your research. Borrowing unwisely could result in added expenses, whereas the right lender will help deliver a cost-effective experience. For an affordable and convenient journey, be sure to pick the Bajaj Finserv Instant Personal Loan. It has all the features you need with a few additional perks too. 

You can get approved for up to Rs.25 lakh alongside a tenor that ranges up to 60 months based on your profile. With its online application, approval and disbursal process, this credit facility is a true representation of an instant loan. With it, you can get the funds you need in your bank account within 24 hours of approval. For quick and hassle-free loan processing, be sure to check your pre-approved offer. 

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