‘6.16 Acres Padua Playground Should Be Declared as Public Playground’- Corporator Ms Shakila Kava

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‘6.16 Acres Padua Playground Should Be Declared as Public Playground & Not Just for Education Institution Use’- Corporator Ms Shakila Kava. In response, Padua Education Institution Management says “NO WAY”, since the matter is in High Court and the playground belongs to us as per the original land documents, and MCC has no rights over it to make any decision, whatsoever!

Mangaluru: During the recent Council Meeting of Mangaluru City Corporation it was resolved to write to the Deputy Commissioner of Dakshina Kannada Dr K V Rajendra to take an appropriate decision in a matter relating to an educational institution (Padua Education Institution managed by Catholic Board of Education and Parish Priest of St Sebastian Church-Bendore as Correspondent) as it is exercising unwarranted rights over 6.16 acres of the playground at Padua.

Referring to a letter by a senior councillor from the BJP Shakila Kava representing Kadri North (No 32) ward, an agenda tabled in the council said that Ms Kava had sought that the corporation should take into possession 6.16 acres of land which is a playground now as its RTC (Survey No 279 – 1 B 2 A in Kadri B village) mentioned it as government land. It should be declared as a public playground.

BJP Corporator Ms Shakila Kava

Speaking on the matter, Ms Kava said that an educational institution at Paduva has now taken into possession the playground and has locked it up by building a gate after constructing the compound wall for the ground. It is allowing only its students to play on the ground and is using it as its private property. But as per the RTC, the ground is government land. Hence, students of other educational institutions in Paduva and nearby areas and the public, in general, have the right to use the ground. As a result, the corporation should take over the ground to enable all people to use the ground.

Responding to it, the Opposition Congress members said that since the matter is pertaining to government land the corporation has no right to take it into its possession. Only the Deputy Commissioner of Dakshina Kannada can decide on the matter. Later, the council decided that the civic body should write to the Deputy Commissioner.

When Team Mangalorean contacted Correspondent of Padua Education Institution Fr Vincent Monteiro (also parish priest of Bendore Church) he said, “We are fully aware of the objection and issue raised by the MCC Corporator of the Paduva area ward Ms Shakila Kava, but the issue is already in High Court, and we had been given the permission to build a protective wall/fencing and have a locked main gate. We have all the original documents that the 6.16 acres land/playground belongs to our institution, and after the direction from the High Court to Dakshina Kannada Deputy Commissioner to permit us to install CCTV’s, other facilities including separate toilets for women etc, which is in progress after we get approval from DC. Until recently there was even a board on the wall stating ‘Padua Institution Playground but vanished during developmental work of the wall and nearby road”.

Correspondent of Padua Education Institution Fr Vincent Monteiro

Fr Monteiro further said, “Even though the protective wall/fencing was built just a few years ago, and also the gate being locked, prior to that for years the public were using the playground, and we had no objection to that. But later in the years, when we found out that people were using the ground until late at night, and also involved in activities not permissible, we had no other option than to protect our playground, then being misused. Even at present, we allow organizations to use this ground for sports activities, under certain rules and regulations and also verifying the details of the organizations using the playground. Recently we had given permission to the Mangaluru Police Commissionerate to use the ground for a cricket tournament, and similarly, many sports clubs/organizations seek permission to use the ground, and we oblige. Presently while the case is in High Court between our Institution and Vivekananda Sports Organization, we will strictly abide by the direction of the Court, until final judgement is given”.

Also during the Council meeting, some of the councillors raised objections to the conduct of the Deputy Commissioner (Development) who is also the Superintending Engineer in the corporation. They said that the official is not visiting some of the spots for inspection and when the Budget meeting of the corporation was underway a few days ago, he did not attend it though he was present in his chamber. He is not attending other meetings of the corporation regularly.

Responding to it, Mayor Premananda Shetty said that he had taken serious note of the official keeping himself away from the Budget meeting last week, though he was present in his office. The Mayor then instructed corporation Commissioner Akshy Sridhar to write to the government on the conduct of the official by recommending disciplinary action against him.

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  1. Akash, using encroachment and other invalidate comments is easy. Do you have any proof? This was with the Padua Educational Institution for over a century! Is this Shakila waking up from her dream?

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