7 Arrested in Attempt to Murder Case in Nov 2020 near Kandavar Mosque & Hospital in Falnir

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7 Arrested in Attempt to Murder Case in November 2020 near Kandavar Mosque in Kaikamba in the outskirts of Mangaluru & at a private hospital Hospital in Falnir, Mangaluru

Mangaluru: Recalling the incident which took place on 15 November 2020, a gang had attempted to murder a businessman named Abdul Azeez (58) who operates Welnz Textile firm in Mangaluru, and also a committee member of the Kandavar Mosque, near Kandavar Mosque in Kaikamba in the outskirts of Mangaluru. The incident took place at 10 pm while Azeez was getting into his car after prayers at the Mosque. Two men who attacked him with sharp weapons escaped soon after, and the incident was captured on the nearby CCTV camera. Azeez who was injured on his shoulder, hand and leg was rushed to a private hospital in Falnir, Mangaluru.

After Abdul Azeez was admitted to the private hospital, his relatives Makdoom and Naushad were standing at the premises of the hospital, assuming it was Makdoom, the gang attacked Naushad at the hospital entrance. Personal enmity and financial issues were the reason behind the murder attempt, as per police sources. With the help of Nizamuddin, Safwan Hussain and Basith who are abroad, the arrested gang executed the plan. Now months later after a thorough investigation, the police have cracked the case and arrested seven members in that murder attempt case.

As per Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar, “Seven persons have been arrested in the Bajpe and Mangaluru East police station limits in the attempt to murder case which took place on 15 November 2020. The arrested persons are Mohammed Aatif Hisham (19) from Pandeshwar, Bilal Muaddin (49) from Falnir, Nazeer Ahamed (46) from Farangipete, Ibrahim Shakeer (19) from Bolar, Mohammed Nihal (18) from Attavar, Abbas Safwan (23) from Jeppu, and Abdul Jabbar (46) from Maripalla”.

“It is learnt that there were financial disputes between Makdoom and Nizam which were not settled for a long time, and therefore Nizammudin contacted accused Jabbar from Maripalla. In response, Jabbar with the help of his gang members- Nizamuddin, Safwan Hussain and Basith, executed the plan. Few more are yet to be arrested. It is known that the gang also collected details about the day-to-day movements of victim Abdul Azeez and his relative Makdoom and informed the gang who were abroad”, added the police commissioner.

It is learnt that Abdul Jabbar has seven cases against him including a double murder in 2017; Ibrahim Shakeer has a case of assault on a constable near New Chitra a few months ago; Safwan Hussain, having 26 cases against him, has fled to gulf country; Basith has five cases and Nizamuddin has a case registered against him at Panambur police station. The operation was carried out under the direction of DCP (law and order) Hariram Shankar, DCP Vinay Goankar, CCB inspector Mahesh Prasad, PSI Rajendra B, Pradeep T R, among others. A reward of Rs 10,000 has been awarded to the team who cracked the case by the police commissioner.

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