7 Reasons To Hide Your IP Address From Public Eyes

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7 Reasons To Hide Your IP Address From Public Eyes

Entering the online world means leaving behind tracks if proper precautions are not taken. The tracks that one leaves behind is the reason why ad networks are able to show such accurate advertisements on the basis of your preference. Further, the geographical location is also considered when you are being shown the advertisement. This is done with the help of your IP address which acts as your online address in the digital world. Many big companies track the IP address to curate their content and advertisement for you. Thankfully, there are ways through which IP addresses can be hidden but one needs to have strong reasons to hide their IP address. Here are seven reasons to hide your IP address.

1. You can say goodbye to the ad networks

Big companies track the browsing history in order to serve you advertisements. This can be annoying because, sometimes, it can be too intrusive. In addition to that, knowing that someone is watching your browsing and every move that you are making on the internet can be a bit unsettling. Hiding your IP address means that no one will be able to track your browsing history.

2. Hide your information from the Internet Service Providers

Even if you are browsing your history in an incognito mode, the Internet Service Providers can have a look at your internet activities. This is not very secure because it jeopardizes the sensitive information that you put online too. If you want to check your IP address, you can do it from What Is My IP. For instance, the data can be used by the Internet Service Provider for advertisement and can be given to market analysts. Such data tracking is prevented by hiding the IP address.

3. It keeps your research private

If you are a journalist or a political candidate who needs to do research on sensitive topics, you seriously will not want to be tracked down while researching on some sensitive topics. Another reason to hide your IP is that you need to feel safe while you are researching such sensitive topics.

4. Protect your data from the surveillance of the government

Many people are realizing that we are living in a situation, the context of which can be compared with the novel 1984. Many governments prefer to have to keep their citizens under surveillance. Even if one is not doing anything wrong, the feeling that they are under surveillance is not a good feeling to have. There should be no one spying on anyone under the normal circumstances, of course.

5. It provides protection against hackers

Hackers most often use the IP address of the victim to steal information about their identity and location. In addition to that, with the help of an IP address, the hackers can also track your browsing history and use it in a manner that can be harmful to the victims. When you hide your IP address, you can be sure to get rid of the spying by the hackers.

6. Search engine browsing can be better

When you browse the internet using a search engine, most of the search engine keeps a track of online activity. On the basis of your online activity, the search engine likes to alter the search results. Such assumptions can be problematic because you do not see the unfiltered and unbiased result. If you want to see unbiased results in your search engine, you should browse with a hidden IP address.

7. It can be helpful to hide your identity while using public Wi-Fi

Using public Wi-Fi can be dangerous. Even so, it is recommended not to use public Wi-Fi because it puts a lot of personal information and identity at risk. However, sometimes one cannot help but use public Wi-Fi during an emergency case even though it might look a bit risky. One can safely connect to public Wi-Fi by hiding the IP address. Hiding your IP address while using public WI-Fi keeps you relatively safe from the eyes of hackers. It is always a good idea to hide your IP address, instead of exposing it to hackers.

The basic reason to hide the IP address is to erase your digital footprint. The reason behind hiding the IP address can be many, but to secure your privacy and identity, it is always a good idea to hide the IP address.

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