75 Sewing Machines Donated to 75 People by Msgr Leslie Shenoy to Mark His 75th B-Day

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50 Sewing Machines Donated to 50 Tailoring Aspirants (Self Help Groups) of Canara Organisation for Development and Peace (CODP) of Mangaluru Diocese, and 25 to Sampada-a Social Welfare Organization of Udupi Diocese by Msgr Leslie Shenoy to Mark His 75th BIRTHDAY

Mangaluru: Established in 1974, CODP is a development organization addressing the needs of the poor and marginalized populations of India. Programs address child labour, domestic servitude, forced labour and bonded labour. The Mission of CODP is to empower and equip women; to increase the number of rural youth engaged in self-employment; to increase the number of people enjoying good health in the rural area; to promote a sustainable environment; to eradicate child labour; to promote and protect domestic workers’ rights, and to promote and establish harmony among people

While SAMPADA- a Social Welfare Organization of Udupi Diocese. Empowerment of women has been one of the chief aims of ‘Sampada’. During the last eight years, a few hundred self-help groups were established with thousands of women members. Besides being economically self-reliant, women have been participating in political activities. Besides empowering women, ‘Sampada’ has been spreading awareness among people about Water conservation, growing vegetables and fruits, planting of saplings, etc. With the help of CODP and charitable organizations such as KCWA and MCC Qatar, interest free educational loans as well as scholarships have been provided to needy students.

And today, Thursday 6 October 50 sewing machines were distributed to the tailoring aspirants of CODP of Mangaluru Diocese at the CODP hall, near Padua College, Mangaluru. The welcome address was delivered by Fr Vincent D’souza- the Director of CODP, where he appreciated and extended his gratitude for the kind generosity of Msgr Leslie Shenoy towards the members of Self Help Group, by donating the sewing machines, each machine costing around Rs 10,000.

Speaking on the occasion, Most Rev Peter Paul Saldanha-the Bishop of Mangaluru Diocese said, “Msgr Leslie Shenoy being a kind hearted person has contributed immensely towards the needy and poor, and here he is donating 75 sewing machines to people to mark his 75th birthday should be appreciated and be thankful for. Now that you all have received the sewing machines don’t just store it in one of your rooms, instead learn sewing and once you have learnt teach others also. May God bless Msgr Leslie for all the good work he does towards the needy”.

The sewing machines were distributed to the beneficiaries by the Bishop and Msgr Leslie Shenoy, thereby putting smiles on their faces. The names of the sewing aspirants of CODP were read by Ravi Kumar Crasta-the Project Coordinator, who also proposed the vote of thanks. Being short and sweet, Msgr Leslie said, helping those who need help has always been his motto, and that he will continue to do so in future. “It is my responsibility to give to society in gratitude for all that I received from God. This is my Spirituality and the perspective from which I always looked at life” he added.

Msgr Leslie reaching out to the vulnerable and deprived, including his compassion for the needy inspired by Saint Mother Teresa of Kolkata, is something that we need to appreciate and express our sincere admiration and honour towards his genuine love to the needy. Msgr Leslie has been a dear and committed Priest, a loving friend and a cheerful giver beyond religion, caste, creed, race and gender. May God bless Him abundantly!

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