783 Reformed Rowdy-Sheeters Get New Life During Parivartana Sabhe

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 783 Reformed Rowdy-Sheeters Get New Life During Parivartana Sabhe

Mangaluru: While it was Monday blues for many people, it wasn’t the case in Roshni Nilaya, Valencia. A whopping 783 Rowdy sheeters were given clean sheets amidst a huge gathering during the Parivartana Sabhe organised by the Mangalore city police on January 23.

Out of the 2305 Rowdy Sheeters, the police received 1205 proposals for the closure of rowdy sheets. After conducting several verifications and protocols for more than 2 months, the police handed clean chits to 783 rowdies. 529, 199 and 55 rowdies who previously A, B, C rowdy sheets were present at the gathering presided by the commissioner of police N Shashi Kumar IPS, DCP L&O Anshu Kumar IPS, DCP Crime and traffic B . P Dinesh Kumar and Roshni College Principal.

The event was organised by the Mangalore city police and saw a congregation of previously rowdy sheeters who were eager to get their names cleared. As many as 783 people were on their best behaviours as they were on their feet to hear their names strike off the rowdy sheeters list.

It was a special occasion as students of SDM Law college got to witness the rare programme. DCP Dinesh Kumar kicked off the proceeding by explaining the gathering about Rowdy Sheets and the categorisation of Worksheets as A, B and C categories. The event also featured a perspective from one of the 783 rowdy sheeters Ravi Rai from Pajeer. Ravi explained to the crowd how grateful he was for the second chance and how he was looking forward to being a model citizen and bringing laurels to his district and the county.

Commissioner of Police Shashi Kumar IPS addressed the gathering on the occasion where he outlined the lives of rowdy sheeters and how inconvenient it is for them to lead a normal life due to their history.

Periodic Attendance at the police stations, preventive detentions, judicial proceedings, and societal and family humiliation are just a few aspects of the discomforts faced by Rowdy Sheeters.

The guidelines from higher-ups in the Karnataka State police coupled with the strong efforts of the city police department have lived up to our word by closing 783 rowdy sheets. The commissioner also stressed the importance of being courageous by quoting Mahatma Gandhi’s “The path is the goal”, ideology.

The commissioner of police stressed that the event might be a formality for the police but it is the responsibility of all the rowdy sheeters. The commissioner also called upon Rowdy Sheeters to use this opportunity as a way to be a model citizen and also Co-operate with the department to maintain law and order in the city.

On a lighter note, the CP also pointed out to SDM students present that the police also have 2 faces and it’s just not making sure strict action is taken against criminals but they are also capable of compassion if the Rowdy Sheeters were prepared to be good law-abiding citizens.

The city’s toll of Rowdy Sheeters stands at 1522 now after the Parivartana Sabhe. It wouldn’t be wrong if we conclude that the marquee event has paved the way for the current rowdy sheeters to reconsider their priorities in life; take that leap of faith and work towards being model citizens of the county.

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