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85-year-old Covid cured dies in Kerala

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85-year-old Covid cured dies in Kerala
Thiruvananthapuram:  Kerala Health Minister K.K.Shailaja on Saturday stated that the death of a 85-year-old man, who was a former Covid-19 patient from Malappuram, is not due to the coronavirus but due to a renal complication he developed.

“He tested negative for Covid-19thrice. Then he had underlying ailments. He was a cardiac patient for three decades, had breathing issues (COPD) and had kidney problems. He recovered from Covid-19 and thanked the medical staff which took care of him. Then he had a kidney problem and infection. He died today morning, but not due to Covid,” said Shailaja.

She added that the funeral will take place based on the present national guidelines, when a person dies a normal death.

In the state the total number presently under treatment is 138 and in the past week, the number of new cases was in single digits and there were around 78,000 people under observation in the state.

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  1. The biggest blunder the West is committing during this epidemic is deliberately overlooking the distinction between those people dying with the Covid as opposed to those dying of it. This is a convenient manipulation of data by the vested interests in order to justify their lockdown. It appears as though every death is being lumped into the category to show the virus as being the reason. The more I read about this pandemic the more it is making me to question the actions being taken.

    How can one squarely attribute a 85-year old’s death is due to virus when it’s a natural age to die anyway? People at that age die of several complications as a norm when only one would be the root cause because at that age body organs are not in the best of health so they do not cooperate well when another part of the body is affected. If someone in their 30s died of covid I would buy into that argument. But majority of the deaths are over 70s.

    And what is this obsession with someone wanting to live up to be 100 anyways when you are at a stage where all you do is stink of p*ss and **** and not one person wants to come close to you and those who do, do it reluctantly? By 70 all the main events in one’s life will be over. Any more life after that should be treated only as a blessing as opposed to be a fundamental right. In the middle ages the average life span of humans was only 45. It’s only after the 2nd world war we have assumed that one has to live as much as possible. I do not have a problem with that view per se as long as they can look after themselves through their own finances (or their families) as opposed to being dependent on the state and the society but in the West everyone is dependent on the state to look after them to live up to 100 while those countries are already bankrupt and sucking the blood from the younger population in order to keep the 95 years olds in the ICU.

    If you really ask me, this virus scare is a convenient power-grab plot by the leftists in the West to create a police state just like how the US used 9/11 to pass the Snoopers’ Charter and we lost all our rights. The fact that those good-for-nothing TSAs who cup your genitals at the gates every time you pass through an airport is the testament to that and that’s because you all allowed it to happen. Now the megalomaniac Bill Gates is hellbent on planting a chip in all of us and not one ****er is speaking out against it. What liberty is there going to be left for us once that happens. Just think. Moreover many people in the West hate Trump to win the 2nd term. That tells you everything you need to know about this drama.

    And it amazes me why the East (especially India) has fallen for this evil socialist power-grab plot in the West when we have nothing major to worry about. Do you really know how many thousands of people die due of unnatural causes in our country every day? Compare that to the total number of COVID deaths in the last 4 weeks. What does that tell you? We have successfully managed to destroy our economy. Now even the government is broke and legislators have been asked to take pay cut. That’s a really bad situation. Karnataka government is so bankrupt that it is thinking of selling family jewels. Do you really comprehend the tough days that are going to be ahead of us? Now learn to live with the consequences. Just count how many families are going to be destroyed due to unemployment, hunger, depression, broken relationships etc. and contrast that with the Covid casualties. Is it all going to be worth it? To make it worse most of the Middle Eastern expatriates are going to be permanently returning to India soon and will be competing in the already ailing job market.

    As for those in the West, in all likelihood, the economic depression caused by this drama is going to be so severe that majority of H1B visa holders will be forced to return to India. Those permanent residents will have a tough time anyway when they find that their 401Ks and retirement plans have all gone down the drain.

    And another lesson – Never fall for the mainstream thought. Majority are almost always wrong. Force yourself to be a contrarian and go deeper into the facts, beyond the headlines. Instead of reading only one news paper or watching one news channel, try other sources too. Some countries are even thinking of passing a law to imprison those who do not agree with their version of the virus narrative and are being branded as fake news creators. They don’t event want to discuss this matter on public forums. What I am saying is allow a healthy debate to take place and then people can decide who is right and who is wrong.

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