‘Doctors’ Day with Theme ‘Family Doctors on the Front Line’ hosted at Fr Muller Hospital-Thumbay

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‘Doctors’ Day with Theme ‘Family Doctors on the Front Line’ hosted at Fr Muller Hospital-Thumbay. Two Dialysis Units were also blessed to be installed in the Nephrology Department of the Hospital

Mangaluru: National Doctors’ Day is observed on July 1 to honour legendary physician Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, who treated and inspired millions. Doctors play a significant role in the lives of human beings. The day is an acknowledgement of the benevolent services offered by the doctors and shows our sincere and utmost gratitude to all those who have selflessly helped us in times of need, working diligently for the well-being of mankind.

No doubt, Doctors play a significant role in our lives. The absolute first and the last event of our lives start with the doctors during our birth and end during the time of death. Their dedication and passion for saving lives are what makes them ‘real heroes’ in our society. The contribution of doctors to human health history is beyond comparison. One of the major contributions of doctors is that they are improving and saving lives by putting efforts to mitigate discomforts caused due to diseases and help live their life to the fullest.

The role and importance of doctors in our lives have always been valued. During the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, they were working non-stop like a soldier to save lives by risking their own, and they were called “COVID WARRIORS”! The extraordinary spirit our doctors have presented in the challenging times calls for a special mention. Their tireless and heroic efforts have been saving countless lives and they continue to do so without an iota of discomfort.

Their firm resolve, steady leadership, dedication and hard work are making it possible for so many of us to stay safe today. They have been undertaking vitally important roles to protect and improve the health and well-being of people across the nation. Hard work, long working hours and personal sacrifices truly make doctors the angels on earth. On Doctors’ Day, it is nice to appreciate the painstaking effort they have made during the pandemic that brought us closer to normal times.

Having spoken some words of wisdom about DOCTORS, the management and staff of FATHER MULLER HOSPITAL-THUMBAY celebrated “NATIONAL DOCTORS’ DAY”, in appreciation of the Dedication, Commitment and Service shown by the 15-plus Doctors, along with PGs at Father Muller Hospital-Thumbay. The programme began invoking God’s blessings through a prayer song by Ms Colin Fernandes and Team, followed by a welcome address by Fr Sylvester Lobo-the Administrator of the Hospital. He applauded and appreciated the efforts and dedicated service put in by the Doctors at FMH-Thumbay, and thanked them for making a difference.

To celebrate the occasion, a delicious CAKE was cut by the dignitaries on the dais, namely Fr Richard Coelho- The Director of FMCI; Dr Antony Sylvan D’Souza- Dean, Father Muller Medical College and Chief Guest for the occasion; Fr Sylvester Lobo, Dr Kiran Shetty-Medical Superintendent at FMH-Thumbay, joined by a bevvy of Hospital doctors.

Sharing the experience of being a DOCTOR, Dr Rajesh S, the Professor in the Department of Ortho at the hospital said, “The most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy not when you are seeking it – this is a quote by Sadhguru. I am sure we all get happiness in treating patients. Of course, there is stress involved too. When we All started as doctors every patient treated, and saved was joyful. Now we have come a long way by adding experiences of both work and knowledge. Trust is missing between a PATIENT and a DOCTOR at present”.

“This doctor’s day theme is ‘Family doctors on the front line”. I am sure we all have one doctor as a family doctor or at least we have grown up with having one family doctor to whom we would go no matter what the symptoms were. But it took forever to realize the importance of family doctors. I regularly come across patients who go to their family doctor, get the initial treatment, and follow every advice of their family doctor. Based on their recommendation they will decide on further treatment- which doctor, where to go, and what treatment. This will help the patients in a timely manner, especially in rural areas where there is limited access to health care,” added Dr Rajesh.

Dr RAJESH S – Department of ORTHO

He further said, “And also, I have come across patients who have done self-diagnosis and self-proclaimed google doctors. In my belief, these google patients are the major contributors to the misconception, creating rifts between patients and doctors and violence against doctors. Residents to senior doctors all have been attacked. No matter which cadre the doctor belongs to, we all have to remain united. People should know that Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability, said William Osler-therefore doctors can’t give guarantees to save lives but will try our best to save lives. What we have to understand is that a DOCTOR is also a HUMAN. There is a limit to everything. Many times we have put our patients first before our family, toiled day and night just for heal and comfort. This recognition and respect should not be limited just to one day. We are what we are. I would like to conclude with Carl Jung’s quote –“Medicine cures diseases but doctors can cure patients” Save the saviours”.

Chief guest Dr Antony Sylvan D’Souza, and President for the occasion Fr Richard Coelho speaking on the occasion said that the day is an opportunity to raise awareness about the doctor’s role in our daily lives – a day when people across the country acknowledge the commitment and dedication of the medical and health care fraternity towards society. It is also a significant day for doctors themselves as it provides them with an opportunity to reflect on their career and remind themselves of the ethics of medicine. They both complemented and appreciated the vital role played by doctors in saving people’s lives. (MORE ON DR D’SOUZA and Fr COELHO SPEECHES CLICK ON VIDEO BELOW).

All the doctors working at FMH-Thumbay were felicitated with mementoes by the Chief guest and Fr Richard Coelho for their tireless service rendered to the patients, keeping in mind the FMCI motto -“Heal & Comfort”. A couple of games to keep the audience active were conducted by Dr Deekshith Shetty-Assistant Professor, Dept of ENT., following which the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Joyce Mendonca-Assistant Professor, Dept of dental. The programme was eloquently compered by Dr Romitha D’Souza- Resident Doctor, Dept of Dermatology. Fr Richard Coelho also blessed the two Dialysis Units to be installed in the Nephrology department of the hospital on the occasion.

In conclusion, from my perspective, “It is imperative for both patients and doctors to work together on re-establishing some of the lost trust, and truly, there could be no better day than Doctors’ Day to reinforce the unique relationship between the doctor and patient. On the occasion of Doctors Day, I would like to quote an important component of the Hippocratic Oath – and that is to ‘keep the good of the patient as my highest priority. Yes, Doctors play a significant role in our lives. The absolute first and the last event of our lives start with the doctors during our birth and end during the time of death. Their dedication and passion for saving lives are what makes them ‘real heroes’ in our society. The contribution of doctors to human health history is beyond comparison. LONG LIVE, DOCTORS!

MESSAGE FROM REV FR RICHARD ALOYSIUS COELHO- Director, Father Muller Charitable Institutions, Mangaluru

Today we celebrate National Doctor’s Day in memory of Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy. Celebrating this day is truly a big awareness campaign offering great opportunities to all to get aware of the roles, importance and responsibilities of Doctors. This campaign is also to promote medical professionals to come closer and follow the responsibilities of their profession with dedication. Today the entire medical professional is called to render dedicated service to suffering humans.


Being a doctor is not just a job but also a mission, a call from God to become His instrument of healing. Healing is God’s prerogative and doctors are instruments in passing the healing power of God to the sick and suffering. In the present scenario being a Doctor is highly demanding and challenging. Demanding because a patient wants a quick diagnosis of his illness and instant healing. Challenging because people expect doctors to be Gods and also to treat them at a low cost when the line of treatment is itself costly. Who will get up at night and attend a call? Only a doctor, not any other professional would get up for his client’s sake. Again it is demanding and challenging because they need to be dedicated and committed to rendering service of high-level skills and precision.

It is sad to say that people take Doctors for granted and also there are incidents in our country where doctors are manhandled, beaten and humiliated. Therefore Doctors Day is a perfect day for all people to acknowledge their high-pressure job and appreciate their ability to comfort the suffering humanity. All people need to develop a culture of respecting and honouring doctors not because they are doctors but because they are like us human beings of flesh and blood with intellect and will with emotions and feelings.

It is a very significant day as it provides an opportunity for them to revitalize their skills and rededicate themselves to the practice of medicine. ‘Health is Wealth’ – on this Doctors Day, all of us need to give thought to our own health because health is an important aspect of our life. Health is what we desire in our daily life. Doctors, you are truly fighting with the unknown intruders not at the borders of Indo-China but with every person who is attacked by this virus. Hats off to you for your great service. May God bless you and your family. You are risking your own self to bring wellness to patients.

May your sacrifice be blessed by God in hundred folds. At FMCI you are all part of our family, therefore you should treat this hospital like your home. To the doctor here is my message- “You are a great doctor, Healing People with your touch. You are a wonderful person as well, bringing Joy and warmth to our hearts. You are an incarnation of God to Others. Thank You for your dedicated and committed service at FMCI” Once again Happy Doctor’s Day, stay healthy in order to make us healthy.

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