93 Lakhs Cash, Jewellery Found At Home Of Telangana Officer Who Won Award

93 Lakhs Cash, Jewellery Found At Home Of Telangana Officer Who Won Award

NEW DELHI: Two years ago, Telangana officer V Lavanya was named the state’s “best tehsildar”. The sight of cash and gold worth over a crore being hauled out of her home in raids was, to many, an unexpected one.
Rs. 93.5 lakh in cash and 400 grams gold have been found by Telangana’s anti-corruption bureau from the home in Hyderabad of Ms. Lavanya, a revenue officer at the Ranga Reddy district of Telangana.

The cash and gold were recovered from her home in Hyderabad’s Hayathnagar.

The raids were ordered after another officer Antaiah, said to be Ms. Lavanya’s junior, was caught taking Rs.4 lakh as bribe from a farmer for correcting land records.
The farmer was allegedly told to pay Rs. 8 lakh; Rs. 5 lakh was allegedly for Lavanya and Rs. 3 lakh for the junior revenue officer.

As soon as Antaiah took the amount, he reportedly informed his superior, after which the anti-corruption bureau questioned Lavanya and detained her.

When she insisted that she had nothing to do with the bribe, a team raided her home.

As she stares at corruption charges and a steep fall from grace, a video of Lavanya has gone viral. It shows a farmer falling at her feet and pleading with her.

The farmer seen in the video is said to be Bhaskar, from whom revenue officer Antaiah had allegedly demanded and taken Rs. 30,000 to hand over his passbook.

When Bhaskar found errors in his records online and he was asked to pay lakhs in bribe to get it corrected, he informed the anti-corruption bureau.

Lavanya’s husband is said to be a superintendent with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.