A DUMB IDEA by MSCL to Install Traffic Signal Lights near Hampankatta Junction When…..

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A DUMB IDEA by MSCL to Install Traffic Signal Lights near Hampankatta Junction When…..

  • A DUMB Idea by Mangaluru Smart City Ltd (MSCL) to Install Traffic Signal Lights near Hampankatta Junction, When such Traffic Lights installed in the past at the same junction had failed miserably and were allowed to RUST? I can bet that these new traffic lights at Hampankatta Junction will stop working within a few months, and they will not get repaired-just like the bunch of other traffic lights in the City, which have been stopped working and left to Rust In Peace (R.I.P)?

Mangaluru: Once again a DUMB IDEA and BIG BLUNDER that is being created by Mangaluru Smart City Limited (MSCL) as part of their Smart Project in this Smart City, by Installing brand new Signal Lights near Hampankatta Junction in the City. We should know that in the past all the SIGNAL LIGHTS installed at various prominent junctions in the City have flunked and allowed to RUST- therefore what was the need to install Traffic Signal Lights at Hampankatta Junction. Don’t our Smart Officials learn from past experiences- or is it just to go ahead with the projects and fill their pockets with part of the money sanctioned for these unscientific projects. No doubt that the TaxPayers Money Will Go Down the Drain Spending on New Traffic Lights at Hampankatta Junction?

And this morning, Thursday 1 July, the City Traffic Cops made a trial run of these new traffic signal lights at Hampankatta Junction, and believe me or not, the traffic was blocked a mile long on all four sides of the roads joining the Hampankatta Junction. And if such a traffic jam is happening today when the traffic is less now, imagine the situation when the lockdown is completely lifted, and hundreds of buses and other vehicles hit the road- and the only people who would come to the rescue in controlling and moving the traffic ahead will be the TRAFFIC COPS! And even today, in spite of the new traffic signal lights it was the traffic cops who controlled the traffic, when many motorists were not aware that the signal lights were on and there was a little confusion in the traffic movement with this sudden change.

Just go around the City, and see how many of the Traffic lights are in working condition-except for TWO- near PVS Junction and near MCC Building -Lalbagh, while the rest of them installed near Nanthur Circle, Balmatta Circle, Jyothi Circle, Bendore-well junction, Kankanady, Near Horticulture Junction, etc are OUT OF ORDER, few months after they were put up. Two of them have the yellow light blinking all the time-what a joke? And when such is the situation of these Traffic Lights in the so-called Smart City, why even bother to install brand new traffic lights near the refurbished Hampankatta Circle. And for that matter, there were traffic lights at Hampankatta junction earlier, which flunked within a few months, and also they didn’t serve the purpose since traffic was getting backed up due to the timing of the lights.

One among the non-working traffic Lights at the Nanthoor Junction, which were installed spending lakhs of rupees- and they flunked within days- and since then all the traffic lights are out of order- and some of them have been dumped on the roadside. Even a solar powered system to run these traffic lights has not been working. There’s a saying that “We all learn by our mistakes?”- but here in Mangaluru our officials, be it in Mangaluru City Corporation or Traffic Police department, or Mangaluru Smart City Ltd, don’t learn from their past mistakes. Even though traffic lights have been in Mangaluru for years, and which didn’t work- a few years later, new traffic lights were installed. And the BIG result: ALL OUT OF ORDER?


Why even spend hard-earned taxpayers money on projects that don’t serve a damn thing. Despite an increase in vehicle population, the city has added few traffic lights in busy spots, but the results have been negative. None of them is working. For most commuters, crossing a busy junction where traffic lights are either absent or do not function is an exercise in skill and patience, and often involves avoiding being hit by moving vehicles. Even as previously minor junctions have turned into bottlenecks, the city adding new traffic lights have gone to waste. Until sufficient working signals are provided, the immediate measure to improve traffic flow is to limit the number of cross-roads on long stretches.

The main problem in all these new traffic development plans is the misunderstanding between the Traffic Police Dept and MSCL/MCC- where each of them have their own ideas- and for that matter, no one likes all these Smart Project ideas put forth by ONE MAN in MSCL who thinks all his ideas/plans are HIGH Tech and Unique, but many of them get changed once they are implemented- and similar has been in this case of Signal Lights near Hampankatta Junction. To be frank, the idea that was implemented by the traffic police dept in allowing the traffic move and make a U-turn near Syndicate Bank (Light House Hill Rd) was free of traffic jam/snarls/chaos- and many liked the idea- and now we will be seeing more traffic problems at this busy junction. Not Good!

The immediate outlook, however, does not look good. There is a need for more working traffic signals, particularly upgrading manned signals. But it doesn’t seem like it’s happening. With all these new traffic lights, someone is making money and filling their pockets, before their tenure ends – that’s it. The traffic department needs to get rid of traffic lights because they don’t serve the purpose for the busy traffic in Mangaluru. Add more cops to handle the traffic woes/chaos, rather than depend on these traffic lights which don’t function 99 percent of the time. Period! And please don’t waste money on such gadgets which don’t last long, apart from not serving any purpose. Thank You!

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  1. My suggestion on Hampanakatta signal reduce time 60 seconds all four corners same, not get block all the corners.

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