A Good Samaritan! City Restaurant Owner Feeds the Needy Daily with Snacks & Beverage

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A Good Samaritan! Sachin Karkera, a City Restaurant Owner of Kamadhenu Cafe, located on Jail Road in front of Assisi press Feeds the Needy Daily with Snacks & Beverage

Mangaluru: “Life is the best teacher.” This maxim is true about SACHIN KARKERA, the owner of Kamadhenu Cafe, a vegetarian restaurant located on Jail Road in front of Assisi press in the City, which treats hungry people to free beverages (Coffee or Tea) and snacks every day. It seems that this restaurant owner is motivated by inspirational words such as “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” Sachin found it a feasible way to reach out to those having no money or are just poor to douse their hunger.

He says that the number of people who knock at the door of his restaurant varies from day to day. Some days it is 3 to 10 or 30 people who stop by for free food, while some other days no one rings the bell. He adds that serving free food to a handful of hungry and needy people is not hurting his business financially. He has lots of free food to offer at his small restaurant. At the Kamadhenu Cafe, several needy, mostly senior citizens, daily wagers, including those involved in door-to-door waste collection visit the cafe for a free cup of hot beverage and snacks. In addition, the owner has also provided a platform for the public to help the less fortunate by introducing the ‘On the wall concept.’ (Read the contents of the ‘On The Wall’ on the photo below)

SACHIN KARKERA with his specially brewed Signature TEA, flavoured with Cardamom

Speaking to Team Mangalorean Sachin Karkera said: “After working in Iraq and Kuwait as an airport bus driver for about three years between 2006-2009, I returned home almost a decade ago. Before starting this cafe, I operated a fish business and ran a gym. Then there was the lockdown. I had been to the Isha Foundation in Coimbatore, where I noticed that there was a high demand for herbal tea. After having several cups of tea there I decided to venture into this business since all I knew was to prepare tea and coffee,” he said. About eight months ago, he opened a cafe, named Kamadhenu Cafe. Though there were days when he would not sell even 15 cups of tea, he made sure that at least 10 needy people got to eat something at this cafe. As the popularity of the cafe grew, he introduced more snacks, a concept that Emmy, a woman from Texas had introduced when he was working in Iraq.

He added “Emmy had created a board at the cafe, for customers to contribute so that the underprivileged can also have coffee. On similar lines, I introduced the ‘On The Wall concept’ that allows the public to participate by sponsoring coupons worth Rs 20,” he said. Sachin was kind enough to serve his freshly made coffee and his signature tea flavoured with cardamom. Both the coffee and tea were awesome. Sachin single-handedly manages the restaurant daily from 7.30 am till late in the evening. And while you enjoy your snacks and beverage you can also enjoy the thought-provoking messages posted on the interior restaurant wall.

It is not often we come across people making kind gestures, especially to the underprivileged. But there are some, who know nothing but to be kind, nothing but to be generous. And for them, karma is just, and mostly instant. And no doubt that Sachin is a young man, who is single, and who encountered instant karma. One needs to appreciate Sachin’s generous efforts in putting the needs of the community first over profits – “I can obviously see that the business is done out of pure benevolence, not to mention that the food here is good. If you have extra money to spare, why don’t you pay more so that you can eat and donate at the same time? “You will always be rewarded for any donation that you have made, not only in this world but also in the afterlife.” It is always heartwarming to see fellow Mangalureans, like Sachin Karkera making a positive contribution to the community. Thank You, Sachin, for being a Good Samaritan and making a difference in peoples’ lives!

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  1. Dear Naresh
    Attending the cafe and bringing your friends and family itself is the most valuable inspiration you can give to Sachin.

    • Thanks, I completely understand that patronizing the place may be the way to support, some of us are not be blessed to visit the shop on regular basis due to lack of proximity; that is the reason for the ask

  2. Thats so wonderful Sachin .God bless you 🙏🏻
    Many years back I used to visit
    the animal shelter there.

  3. Great gesture Sachin, kudos; next time I am in Mangalore, this is a must-visit place for me to show appreciation for your efforts; thanks for spreading the joy of giving; please share if there is a way to donate without physically being there?.. thanks again for your deeds.

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