A Good Samaritan! ‘Karate’ Santhosh Kumar Teaches ‘Wellness & Self Defence ‘ for Children FREE

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A Good Samaritan! Black Belt 4th DAN ‘Karate’Santhosh Kumar Devadas Teaches ‘Wellness & Self Defence Techniques’ for Children FREE of Cost, who has been authorized by Department of Public Education-Dakshina Kannada to teach Wellness and Self Defence during his spare time.

Mangaluru: Started on 8 August 2014, a self-defence technique named as “Swaraksha for Women ” by martial art guru Karthik Kateel has already trained near to 2 lakh (girl students and women adults) in 800 plus institutions and 900 workshops around Karnataka & DK- a proud achievement for Karthik as he completes seven years on 8 August 2021- Team Mangalorean has been closely associated with Karthik since his first event which took place at Besant Women’s College on 8 August 2014, and since then Team Mangalorean/Mangalorean.com has been covering most of his events, and we feel proud to note that He has trained nearly two lakh girls/women in seven years, which is a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT!

And now, we have yet another young man who has come forward with a Noble task in giving free teaching in the field of Wellness and Self defence for Government School children of Grade 8,9 &10 in and around Mangaluru. Meet 49-year-old Santhosh Kumar Devadas, a teacher in Computer Science and Physical Education at Manipal School, Attavar, Mangaluru for the last five years, and also a Black Belt 4th DAN (karate) professional. His recent training for the children at the Government school in Attavar, Mangaluru was on 20 November 2021.

“This is basically approved documents by the Department of Public Education Dakshina Kannada that during my free time I am allowed to teach wellness and Self defence at free of cost as my personal initiative for Govt school Girls only for grade 9 &10. Apart from the training at the above school, I will be visiting other Government schools within Mangaluru city for sharing wellness and self-defence knowledge as well. As a personal initiative, this training is absolutely free for poor students. Self-defence is the only way to protect ourselves in this unpredictable world”, said Santhosh.

Nice to note that Santhosh is on a mission to build a community that is safe by teaching people self-defence and being capable of protecting themselves in society. If there is something that you can do to the community in the present scenario, it is to teach them how to be safe. It is very well known that instead of giving a man a fish, it is always better to teach a man to fish. Likewise, instead of appearing there, every time someone needs to be rescued, what if we think of making the members of the community self-reliant and confident enough to safeguard themselves? That sounds cool, right? Especially, when youth, girls and women go out, it is very important that their commuting is safe and they come back home the way they stepped out. But with unimaginable incidents taking place every day, it is very hard for their families to send them out beyond certain spaces and time frames. Consequently, they tend to lose opportunities.

What if a girl, for that matter any person is capable of defending him/herself? Who would stop them from going far to embrace their goals? If they are capable enough to protect themselves, their families wouldn’t even clip their wings. And the bird can fly with freedom. That’s exactly what our Good Samaritan and a Black Belt Karate man thought of and he put his thought into action by teaching youngsters of government schools techniques of self-defence making them equipped and strong enough to tackle any negativity that comes their way. This is all about Santosh Kumar, the man behind this initiative, doing yeomen service to the poor community, free of cost ensuring that all poor Indians are capable enough to protect themselves. And also his training on Wellness!

Santhosh strongly felt that it is important to make children strong so they can defend themselves when the need arises, during their youth and adult days. He says that everyone is responsible for their own safety and learning self-defence is the only way to achieve it. Thus, he decided to take up classes and sessions on self-defence for boys, girls at no charge and narrated it to Team Mangalorean with pride gleaming on his face. What an amazing thought this young man has made! Not only just the thought, but he also started executing it from the ground level. touching everyone’s lives making them self-reliant and strong.

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