A Group of Citizens Team have Created a Waste Dump Site In spite of MCC Warning Sign in Kadri

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A Group of Citizens have Created a Waste Dump Site In spite of MCC Warning Sign in Kadri, near Ballal garage/Capitol Apartments/Jimmy’s Supermarket

Mangaluru: Yes, Mangaluru, known as the ‘Smart City’ seems now like a ‘Stench City’?, where even though lots of efforts have been put up by district administration, Mangaluru City Corporation, and a bunch of NGO’s, including Ramakrishna Mission (with their Swachh Mangaluru Abhiyan), but there is still heaps of garbage all around the City- and if you don’t believe me, take a ride early morning and you will see the pathetic condition throughout the City. And the city, the district administration nor the police have done nothing to weed out offenders and impose penalties on them. In the meantime, citizens still strew waste on the streets without being oblivious to the garbage build-up, in spite of various announcements and warning signs posted everywhere.

Despite this, the garbage menace has not stopped. You can see garbage piled up in front of the warning sign, and the latest example is the signposted on the stretch of Kadri Road going towards Nanthoor, near to Ballal garage/Capitol Apartments/Jimmy’s SuperMarket, with an effort to stop people from dumping garbage- but all in vain. Even though MCC and NGO’s have taken preventive measures to check littering, open defecation and urination, spotting and marking prominent dumping spots in various wards, none have taken the step in imposing fines on offenders. Only then, Swachh Mangaluru will be successful.

This garbage bag full of eggs shells of a street vendor SELLING Omelettes for a living is Ignorant in LITTERING!

The civic authority has, several times, announced that a hefty penalty would be levied on owners who dump garbage around their residence or their vacant property. Authorities have even warned that if the owners don’t clean up their sites, the MCC would and pass on the expenditure to them. However, no action has been taken and nothing has changed. MCC officials claim that tracing the owners is a Herculean task. Many times, the owner would have settled abroad and they are unable to trace them. To make matters worse, these garbage-filled sites are potentially more dangerous than the black spots on street corners or the roadside. The garbage is contained in a specific area and ends up serving as a fostering ground for rodents, snakes, mosquitoes and stray dogs.

So what would be the right solution other than slapping penalty for dumping garbage- They should plan on preventing littering and defecation/urination in public; undertake educational measures for the placement of suitable signage, and select and earmark proper garbage dumping points. Just putting warning signs and keeping quiet will not solve the problem. Even if CCTV captures the person dumping garbage who will take the responsibility to catch the culprit. The garbage problem still haunts the City- and it’s true, and will be a long time before Citizens use their common sense NOT to litter wherever they want to.

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  1. Waste collection gang is not promt in service especially Vivekanand Second Cross, Nanthoor vicinity. Why because on Friday, Saturday, Sunday they collect waste in any given one day. If this is the situation what is the fate of waste and the residents?

    • I am a law abiding and rule following citizen of MCC paying my taxes diligently including tax for waste disposal. I segregate the waste as stipulated by MCC
      The problem of waste collection by a third party is creating inconvenience
      Non collection of waste in time
      Dry waste not collected on Friday
      Littering or dropping of waste on the road while loading of waste to trucks in front of the residence Damaging of dustbins of residents due to manhandling while collecting waste
      Dripping of waste water from the dumper trucks while compressing the waste along the roadside
      Uncovered dumping pickup vehicles which are not maintained that drop waste along the route
      Poorly managed system without supervision and no accountability

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