A Guide to Understand Indus Merchant Solutions App

Transaction completed on terminal with mobile credit card
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A Guide to Understand Indus Merchant Solutions App

The recent pandemic has brought about drastic changes in every sphere of life, including the way businesses accept payments. Taking into account the health concerns and restrictions, merchant banking has become a boon for businesses. IndusInd Bank, a renowned financial institution in India, has introduced Indus Merchant Solutions-one-stop shop for all banking transaction needs for businesses. Under Indus Merchant Solutions, a number of services are offered that let businesses accept and process electronic payments from customers from a number of modes such as credit/debit cards, through their online eCommerce stores, mobile apps, QR codes, and more.

If you are not quite sure about how the Indus Merchant Solution app operates, we are here to help. Read on to understand the different Merchant services offered under Indus Merchant Solutions and how the Merchant app can help you manage your business’s finances better.

Indus Merchant solutions

Indus Merchant Solutions is a suite of services offered by IndusInd Bank that allow retailers, merchants, and online businesses to accept and process electronic payments. The services offered include:

POS terminals

POS terminals are used for processing credit/debit card transactions. Earlier POS machines were merely card readers. However, now POS machines are much more advanced with onboard printers, QR codes, and even daily transaction reports. With IndusInd Bank POS terminals, you get the benefit of competitive pricing and next day automatic settlements on top of a smooth cad processing mechanism.

QR codes

QR codes have gained immense popularity for mobile payments. With IndusInd Bank’s merchant solutions, you can use Bharat QR codes, which are unique to your business to accept payments through all the popular UPI apps.

Payment Gateway services

These services enable businesses to accept online payments through their online stores. With IndusInd Bank’s payment gateway services, you get seamless integration with you technology stack, dashboard access that lets you track your business’s performance and a highly secure way of accepting payments at your online business.

Guide to Indus Merchant solutions app

The Indus Merchant solutions app is a one-stop-shop for all your banking transaction needs. Any existing customer of the IndusInd Bank can download the app either from the Google play store or the App store. Also, any non-existing customers can open a current account with the bank online, download the app and register themselves as a merchant instantly.

With the Indus Merchant solutions app, you can do the following:

Raise service requests

Whether you need to Instantly raise service requests for any of the merchant services or for any other banking needs, the app can do it all. Whether you require a business loan or wish to apply for payment gateway services for your online venture, with this app, you can apply for all these services instantly.

Dashboards and reports for your business

For a business, data is very useful as it lets you make informed business decisions. With the Indus Merchant app, you will be able to track your business’s performance through dashboards and reports of your daily transactions, which will further help you make more informed decisions. You can figure out your top customers, for example, and devise a marketing strategy for them.

Keep track of all your transactions

With the Indus Merchant solutions app, you will never have to worry about maintaining a ledger. The app does that for you automatically by maintaining a history of all of your transactions. This makes it so much easier to manage your growing business.

Last words

So, if you are looking to start accepting electronic payments at your offline or online store, IndusInd Merchant solutions can help get started in no time. To know more, click here.

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