A Healthy Mind Resides in a Healthy Body

All human activities spread over the entire life span are governed by the mind. The indirect and invisible thoughts and feelings arising in the mind determine the nature and direction of human actions. According to the English proverb, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body” Even if the body is not healthy the effects of this condition will not be permanent provided the mind is strong & unaffected.
We give attention to our outer body more than the inner health. For instance we make sure to get ourself treated for any skin rash, cold, fever, wounds or other minor and as well major diseases. Rarely do we give attention to our inner health ? our mental health. It is sad to see many people dying every year because of mental disorders. And out of these, the major portion consists of students. Our biggest misconception that a healthy man equals to a man free from diseases is in fact the cause of such tragedies. Mental health is simply worsened by 3A?s: Anxiety, Anger and Anguish. Our tendency to take stress at every negative situation leads to anger which further leads to anguish. Thus, Anxiety is the root cause of unhealthy state of mind. Unlike an ordinary illness, which requires only a simple cure, this mental condition is difficult to cure. It requires great effort and determination. Mental depression is like an infectious disease and must not be allowed to take deep roots in the mind.

A person with spiritual bent finds happiness and pleasure in every situation. Hence, negative feelings should be cast aside and one should try to be optimistic and active and keep himself engaged in positive pursuits. If the mind is freed of unhealthy thoughts, the body, too, escapes their harmful effects. Healthy mind is the foundation of physical well-being. Food, exercise and rest are important for maintenance of physical health. But for inner development, self-confidence, long life and happiness much more important is maintenance of mental health. If the mind is clean and pure, it will greatly help in maintaining physical well-being and health.

        Rithika Shetty
Delhi Private School, Dubai
           Grade V-B

Author: Rithika Rajapala Shetty